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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Comments from the Other Side -OKC/Nets 12/4

This was fun. I really am getting to dislike the Nets. They have an array of thugs on their team and get away with a lot. Was especially happy to see the Thunder beat them. lots of love for KD among Nets fans. Also a lot of hate for Joe Johnson and Kris Humphries among Nets fans. There are the usual Ref complaints although I think the Nets get way more than their share of calls. Love the fact that they console themselves by being happy they aren't the Lakers. Good stuff! My favorites are in bold. What are yours?

I really hope Westbrook chucks the thunder out of the game

**** these OKC jerseys

Another example of the Nets opponent essentially wearing our colors.

Who is Tele going to guard on OKC?


Tele will make Perkins look like an allstar

They say thabeeet is doing well

He is they got a steal

An easy win tonight. Not even worried.

What are the thunder wearing????


How you gonna rock a retro when you've been around for less than 10 years?

Open KD trey Good start

We can leave 35 wide open he's not that good

Wow Thunder are good they’re playing crazy D in the early minutes

I wish we had a sefolosha type

Hello, scouting report, Thabo is shooting 46% from three this year

Good god someone guard Thabo

Way more cheers for OKC than I would have expected.

They have a big bandwagon fanbase

There is probably as many Thunder fans in NYC as there are in OKC.

Ew why are okc wearing these jerseys?

Trynna be us?

There is no way Serge Ibaka is 23 lol

Bad Westbrook is out tonight so far

I hate Joe Johnson's game so much

Why must the Nets give up such easy baskets!

Sefolosha of all people! Scrub of the game... The Net killer

Thunder is gonna be a terrible franchise once Kevin, westbrook, and all of them get older. Just saying

So in 2022?

Nah earlier. Durant could last in this league, westbrook not so much

Not if Presti keeps drafting like a genius

Deron cannot stick with Westbrook.

Westbrook is ruining us

Kevin Martin is such a Net killer

OKc is awesome offensively

I feel like OKC hasnt missed at all

K-Mart has always been a Net killer

We cannot turn the ball over. OKC is almost as good as MIA off turnovers if not better

OKC is just chucking and making everything

We cannot beat OKC in a shootout. We need to step up defensively

Dang KD is boss

My god is Kevin durant good

I really like KD...only when he is not playing us

Hard not to like the guy

Joe Johnson has quickly become one of my least. Favorite players

You mean his franchise crippling contract wasn't enough?

The $100M decoy...

How does Westbrook make those shots with a hand right in his face, it's incredible


When will OKC cool off???


LOL. What is this? Thunder Struck?

Sounded like Serge was yelling in French, Spanish, and English at the same time

OKC is just having practice out there

Games like this make the Nets look so bad....

Thunder is just that good They held Charlotte under 50 for 3 quarters


I hate frontrunners…There should be at most 5 OKC fans in the arena, but I hear them all over the place

Westbrook Deron can’t get past him. Westbrook is a physical beast he is fast athletic and has long arms.

Love how the refs miss that. Smh. Obvious goaltending is obvious.

Of course Westbrook picks tonight to be money with his shot ugh!!!

Humphries is f***ing trash

Humphries secretly plays for Oklahoma City. That's all.

No, he just sucks.

These refs are garbage. Wow.

Lol at Joe Johnson. This guy is become a total scrub.

I really hate JJ.. For real. Becoming one of my most hated Nets ever and its only been a couple months.. Dude makes more money than Lebron and cant hit anything

No wonder my friends in Atlanta was laughing at me when we "stole" Iso-Joe

Okc is so fast

Okc is exposing our lack of speed and athleticism. I am glad there is only one team in the east (Miami) that can play us like this.

Did anyone consider that maybe OKC is just that good? Not 66% from the field good, but good enough to beat any team on any night by 20?

Yep They are that good…. OKC is the best team in the NBA Imo

The player that is killing the nets most tonight is ibaka. He has the nets scared to come inside

Who is #14 ref? He needs to lose his credentials.

Oh Hump, the slander wouldn't be this high if you didn't marry a Kardashian. Pack your bags after this game.

Refs not helping us one bit either

Did our PA announcer just beg the crowd to cheer?

Shut it Down, Perkins drove from 3 point line for open dunk

Even the Heat cannot outgun the Thunder. Defense is a must vs OKC

Is Ibaka really that good? Or is Hump that bad?

Combo of both, more of the former

I have no idea why Westbrook is guarding Johnson but keeping exploiting ape face

Durant is awesome, just throw doubles at him, and take your chances with someone else. He can get any shot he wants, too big and too athletic.

Serge Ibajuwan

They are getttttinnggggg every call its disgusting refereeing or this game could be fixed who knows

We are costing ourselves the game The Refs are just making the score slightly worse.

Perkins picking up T's for fun, Nets should be embarrassed

Only Perkins gets pissed off enough to get a technical foul when he does something good

Game is fixed

Amazing that OKC has two incredibly talented offensive players.

This is why the Nets can't drive to the rim, no fouls being called

Ibaka destroying everyone

When did ibaka turn into prime Stoudemire? Except he can play defense

We need to Hack-A-Durant

Hack-a-Nobody because they are gods

I just wanna punch collison

I loathe the Thunder.

Joe Johnson is probably doing a bad job at warming up the bench too

On a good note, at least we won't be called "The Pelicans"

Refs refs refs horibble caused us the game if we loose

Ok now the refs are officially killing us

Westbrook has the tools But he doesn't have the brain

I would hate Durant But I really can’t

He's such a good guy and an amazing player. Can't hate him

He feels like NBA 2k12 CPU on hall of fame

Me too. he's a big kid. You cant hate on kids man

OKC fans are blessed to have KD smh

Perkins is tough

If it took OKC shooting 60% on ridiculously low-percentage shots to barely win the game I feel pretty good about our chances going forward

I feel like in a finals series we can beat them

Joe would choke harder than Harden

How awesome would it have been if we traded for Harden

Too bad Thunder didn’t want our “gently used goods”

At least it ended before Sons of Anarchy started

Hey, things could be worse! We could be the Lakers!

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