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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Kings 12/14

The majority of the comments on the Kings boards last night were about how bad their own players are and how bad their coach is. It was refreshing to finally see a fan base, however, that didn't blame everything on the refs and claim that the only reason OKC won is because they were handed it by the refs, even if OKC took half as many free throws. Enjoy today's comments...

I think a big time win streak is about to get SNAPPED!

This is going to get UGLY. I think the game will be over before half time

Its really too bad that OKC would never accept a trade of JT/Jimmer/Brooks for Ibaka and Eric Maynor

Looking at these teams, its a glaring example of a small market team who knows how to rebuild through draft and trade, and a small market team who utterly fails at that task....

OKC's defense is nasty! They're able to do a lot of things because of their size and quickness.

Brooks needs to stop trying to drive in. Looked like Westbrook got all ball to me. It's ridiculous for him to get a technical for that.

Very good first quarter. Good defense. Now lets all sit back and watch how Keith Smart STILLLLLLLL hasnt figured out its a bad idea to bench all his starters at the same time and watch this 2nd quarter disaster happen

Great coaching. The lead had just grown to 9, lets take out Tyreke and DeMarcus...

Shut up Aaron, that was clean. Aaron Brooks is a ****ing joke.

Well...um....at least nobody has gotten hurt.

Westbrook is frothing at the mouth with Brooks guarding him

I'd take Collison on my team any day. Really appreciate the way that guy plays

Kevin martin must love being on this team

Perfect spot for him. Wonder if they’ll resign him, and for how much? If he’d take 8 million would they do that?

Kevin Martin: “Wait… You mean you just want me to stand here and shoot?” Martin: “Don’t mind if I do”. He must love being on this team

Who is that guy? I wish we can get him on our team.

Man the thunder put you down fast while you're still playing well even

One thing I like about OKC, is that every player gets the ball to their PG, even Kevin Durant. You rely on that one player to get everyone set up, and then create. They play fundamentally sound basketball. Its fun to watch... Obviously not against the Kings...

Of course OKC plays like that. They have the players to do that. Look at their roster and then look at ours.

Nice of the ref to wait for Durant to score before calling the T

I hope the Kings get smashed tonight. Maybe the Kings will blow up the roster/front office with an embarrassing blow out loss.

The incompetence of the entire organization is making it easier to not care if they move.

Don't comment when you are drunk

There are Kings fans that are still sober at halftime?

No one can stop Durant

We are turning defense specialists into offense juggernauts.

Meanwhile how thankful must Kevin Martin be to be in the situation hes in now and not still on this train-wreck?

That was a great comeback with IT & Jimmer on the floor, shame that our stars couldn't contain the OKC stars earlier in the game.

Durant is so immature

Tyreke just faked the F*** outta Kevin Martin. Poetic justice, we made the right choice guys. Lol

BWHAHA Take that Kevin martin. You a**hole

Collison is good. A lot better than he gets credit for.

OKC tooks the 3rd quarter off

My one comment: OKC Cheerleaders are super hot.

I was thinking they were very average

Maybe it was a selective camera pan that did it. I need more tapes to confirm.

Too much orange skin, platinum blonde hair, and bad makeup.

Are there cheerleaders without at least 2 of those 3 things?

Keep it close Try to win in the final 8 minutes

Is 16 close?

For Us Yes

Sefolosha is giving IT all kinds of problems

God I Hate u K-Mart Feel bad saying that

If I took a shot for every time we were down 20 points I feel like I would be taking many drinks.

Down 13 with 6 minutes left

Durant Westbrook Perk Serge ENTER STAGE RIGHT

Yep, KD's heading in

IT Bringing back OKC starters

What just happened? IT brought us within 5 and we're down by 11 now

I hate that shit durant does Not a foul at all, hes swinging into the defender. Should be offensive foul

JJ reached in too. Reasonable call, that time, Imo.

So if KD comes up because the hand is already there no foul, if KD starts to go up and JJ reaches in, then its a foul

That's the idea. I think this time it was a good call. OKC is my second most watched team, and KD doesn’t get those kind of calls anywhere near as often as he used too.

Does Cousins just look disinterested when playing?

I thought he looked very engaged in the first quarter

His fully engaged percentage is starting to rival his shooting percentage!

I think you're confusing engaged percentage with engorged percentage.

He was afraid to go into the post against Perk and Ibaka, so he settled for long Js all night long.

Cuz doesn't want to get injured and protect his trade value. Probably can't wait to get out of Sac in a couple years. Cuz will be the type of player to take less money just so he can go to a winning team. This is basketball purgatory.

We deserve a much better team than this f***ing crap they play on the floor

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