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Monday, December 10, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Pacers 12/9

Most Pacers fans came into this game not expecting to win.  I'm glad their expectations were met.  Loved that block by Westbrook on Hibbert.  If you didn't see it, I have the video here.    I've highlighted my favorite comments in bold.  What are yours?  Enjoy today's Comments....

Gonna be interesting to see the Paul George vs. Kevin Durant matchup.

I think a better description will be humbling.

I can see K-Mart going for 30 on our bench wings and Lance.

Anything under 20 points and I call it a success.

The starters keep it close but Vogel brings in all five bench players and we never recover from that.

I'm annoyed that it annoys me that Roy hasn't won an opening tip this season.

Maybe we want 2nd/3rd quarter possessions?

That's something Roy would claim.Truth is he can't jump high enough.

Thunder probably my 2nd favorite team to watch. I have a huge love/hate relationship with Russell Westbrook too

Westbrook can hit the 3 now. Not good.

Roy cannot back down sofalosha or whatever his name is

Not good when you can't post Sefolosha.

I guess leaning into a player is a foul this game.

Kevin Martin has made it to December without an injury!

It's tough to tell if Westbrook made the right play not passing to the wide open Thabeet there.

Vogel should employ the Beat-a-Thabeet strategy.

Our new defensive strategy: Hack-a-Sheem.

Ugh, KD traveled before the block.

Superstar rule.

Kevin Martin is killing us.

When was the last time OKC had an empty possession? Feels like forever.

Yikes. Martin has 20 points on 6 shot attempts.

Tough to guard KMart when you're not allowed to block his shot.

I think that KMart is receiving some of those Harden calls.

We haven't fouled Thabeet enough yet.

10 assists for OKC and 1 for us.Just perfect.Oh and **** you Martin!

OKC's bench shows you how a bench is supposed to look like.

Someone go p*ss of Westbrook again so that he can get another techincal foul

I'd be surprised if Westbrook doesn't pick up his second T and doesn't finish the game.

Durant is being passive, he scores when he wants how he wants if he wants, and theres nothing anyone can do about it

Next time guys.. Hit durant a little harder

I always thought OKC was a tough place to play in because of the fans.

We are shooting a lot higher than our averages. Will we cool off? Or will Martin cool off first?

Martin is such a finesse player (to put it more gingerly than Heisenberg) that Sam's physicality causes the refs to think there's fouling.

The poor officiating continues.

Really don't want ticky tack fouls on the best free throw shooting team in the league.

Especially with our free throw defense being so poor.

I hate Perkins.

Westbrook's pull up jumpers would drive me nuts if I were a Thunder fan

Good defense despite K Martin and weak refs

The refs are calling it by the book I guess anyway. it’s just such weak crap the Thunder instigate.

Scary part is Durant only has 10 points.

Durant's probably Going to get his talent back from the Thunderstruck kid.

Westbrook got fouled. Lance didn’t. Got it.

What did lance do wrong?

He wasn't Westbrook

Remember when Hansbrough looked useful at the beginning of the year?

If I never have to see Hansbrough play again I will count it as a blessing

Their PG blocks our MAX CONTRACT 7'2" Center

That block Westbrook just had on Hibbert summarizes his season up perfectly.

That wasn't even Hibberts fault, that was just a sick block by Westbrook...

Roy is supposed to surpass Dwight Howard but can't throw the damn ball down and gets snuffed by westbrook??

Westbrook is a super-athletic guard...not surprised at all that he blocked Hibbert.

Indy bigs have been getting punked all game by OKC, first by Thabeet Perkins and Ibaka, now by Russ. Softest "bigs" in the league.

When we get Granger back we can beat this guys

25 made Free Throws by the OTHER TEAM I’m harping on this until the sun comes up.

Durant Has hit some incredible shots but we still should not be down like this.

Why not? They are more talented and better at every position

I repeat -- 25 of 30 MADE FREE THROWS That practically guarantees a loss

OKC has closers Not A closer but closers. Nice to have options.

It's hard to overcome 2 superstars

Well good effort but you ain't coming back from 10 in the fourth against these guys and their crooked *** refs

We would be winning if OKC wasn't gifted with three times as many foul shots as the Pacers.

Why'd we not feed West at all in the 2nd half? He had the hot hand.

Perkins was on him.

We just got beat by two superior players.

And three refs.

Went to the game tonight... What a great atmosphere…. OKC is just so good. Wish we could fill up the Fieldhouse with that kind of energy. When Roy got stuffed that placed exploded, and the Westbrook hit the jumper and that was that.

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