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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Jazz 11/30

The Jazz fans were mostly complaining about their own team and didn't have a lot to say about the Thunder.  Mostly complaining about the refs - surprise, surprise.   My favorite comment is in bold.  What's yours? 

Westbrook's a Punk

OKC by 30 because of Haywards 1/2 beard attempt. They think it's Harden in disguise and decide to crush us because of it.

Big Al vs. Sergeballu LaMu Sayonga Loom Walahas Jonas Hugo Ibaka... Even his name dominating Big Al. Hope it turns out otherwise in the game.

I think we have about as amuch talent as they do....... Maybe I am just swimming in the kool aid though.

Our Coach sucks, our starters suck, our young guys have talent but haven't had enough playing time to win. We are playing against the Durantula and the fastest point guard in the league since Speedy Claxton.

We have a team of normal humans playing against the Fantastic Four. Plastic Man, Spiderman, Superman, and the Hulk.

Carrol is going to **** durrant up

This week at home the Thunder beat Charlote on Monday by 45 points and Wednesday they beat Houston by 22.

That means they should only beat us by about 11 points or so.

Durant's going for 40 tonight.

No, but ibaka will score a season high. He always kills sap.

Durant drawed his first of many fouls tonight.

WOW Kendrick Perkins is 4/5 with 2 Blocks and all of this just in the first half. What a great defensiv effort.

It's called boxing out Big Al. Ever heard of it?

Al, if cats can do it in perfect harmony, so can you!!!

I-Block-uh is giving everyone fits down low

Sad when our best players are being dominated by second rate front lines

Refs giving Durant a call.

In what world is that not a foul? I know the refs have been swallowing the whistle quite a bit both ways tonight, but Earl just got run over.

One missed call isn't going to determine the outcome of this game.

But 3-4 in a row might do it...

29 to 11 in free throw attempts....... Yeah.......

Hate this team and our coach. Barf.

Really????? F You Refs!!!!

**** your flop Collison!

Wow refs. I hate how much impact refereeing has on the game.

**** call there. Westbrook can take out Earl and no foul? Really????

Wish these refs nothing but the worst for the rest of their life.

11 free throws for the jazz....... 29 for the thunder Edit: thunder got another 2 while I was posting, so now at 31

The Thunder reminded me of the 90-93 Jazz. They let a lesser team compete with them for a quarter or so, made a run to pull ahead by double digits, let the other team come back a bit, and just as the other team thought they had a chance.....BAM! Hit with the stars and put the game away.

Except I don't remember Karl and John getting so many favorable calls, they never did. Did they?

Lol Karl Malone - most ft's made and attempted in NBA history

The Chunder starters had 14 blocks to the Jazz teams total of 8. Westbrook had 7 steals. The Jazz had 9.

Losing by 12 to the Thunder on the road is actually not that bad for this team.

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