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Friday, August 10, 2012

Howard to the Lakers Makes Perk More Valuable

Perk has been able to handle Dwight Howard quite well in their battles against each other.  When Perk was with the Celtics, he was able to hold Howard to ten points below his average.  And the very important thing about Perk is that he is one of the few players in the league who can cover Howard one on one so that you don't have to double and leave someone, say Kobe, or Nash open.  Perk's value to the Thunder just increased considerably with the arrival of Howard in LA.  I have written many times about Perk's value against Howard on Celtics Green.   Howard's offense has been limited to dunks and shots in the paint and Perk is one of the few players strong enough to keep him out of his comfort zone. 

Perk has always been valuable for slowing down Bynum in LA, and he did a decent job with it.  But  Perk can also keep Howard out farther than he likes on defense also, which opens the lane up somewhat.  The Celtics could use Perk's talents now that Philly has Bynum.  I know that Perk doesn't always match up with the quicker more athletic centers but there will always be that one team with the center like Howard or Bynum that you have to get past to get a title and for that,  Every team needs a Perk.   Back when the Celtics had to go through Magic to get to the Finals,  this headline on a Magic blog made me smile: "BOSTON ‘D’ IS HOWARD’S KRYPTONITE." Now The Thunder are going to need that Kryptonite for their title run.

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