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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Pistons 11/12

These comments sure were entertaining. There are the usual ref complaints. Pistons fans sure do hate their coach and their own team. Almost as much as they hate Russell Westbrook. :) Enjoy today's comments...

If they lose this game, then they have officially lost a die hard fan, cause I can't follow this torment anymore. A team that is so deformed; one that could've been avoided if it wasn't for bone headed moves from Dumars. Its sad, it really is

Fans here are cheering okc lmao

Without a question durant got cheered the loudest

I miss the days when I used to love Prince's little hop after he attempted a three pointer. Now it just makes me angry like everything he does. He could donate a kidney and I’d get pissed at him.

Thabeet makes Drummond look normal-sized

OKC doesn't look good tonight. Have a chance.

Remember when Stuckey was all but sore cuz westbook took his spot on the select team and there was suppose to be a rivalry. And then stuckey realized he really isn't that good

Wow Durant is untouchable. One touch and you get a foul

I love giving Westbrook point blank layups all game long. Yeah for small ball.

Hate those bail out calls for Westbrook. He plays with no control.

We have the worst crowd...

Why has Kevin Martin got superstar calls his entire career?

Drummond seriously owns OKC.

AD's nickname should be Thunder-killer

Westbrook: 13 shots Durant: 4 shots The Thunder will never win with Westbrook on their team.

You can quadruple team westbrook there. He's not passing it up.

5-15 from Westbrook..he does realize he has Kevin Durant right?

No Westbrook realizes he's playing against the piss-tons.

If I was a OKC fan it would drive me nuts watching Westbrook sit and take more shots and chucking up everything when you have Durant.

Westbrook will get fined for flopping. But ball don't lie

Bynum vs. Westbrook. Two of my least favorite players in the league playing head to head—I WANT BOTH TO FAIL!

Refs working hard for the Thunder.

Is this good D I see?

I think it's more of OKC being a one dimensional team with only 2 starters who an score and one of those starters is absurdly selfish.

Westbrook gets so much leway. WTF Give him a tech

Can someone eject this piece of garbage?

The first time we played OKC and Westbrook shoved Drummond people said the league would review it and suspend/fine Westbrook, but it doesn't seem to have happened. I suppose it won't for his multiple cheapshots this game either.

Westbrook: 7-21 I really don't get the hype with him. His bball IQ is arguably the lowest in the league.

LMFAO @ the Thunder bitching about the refs.

Yeah especially one of the most babied teams in the league.

Wow. OKC is some dirty flopping bitches.

I'm done with Frank. He needs to go. At the very least Max should be in with Moose.

Get this clown out of here. He is Kuester 2.0. OMG why can't we get ONE competent coach for once!?

Because we have a **** GM doing the hiring.

**** this team, why the **** do we support them? **** this **** if frank isnt gonna do wut we need him to do why the **** do we watch, why the **** are the games even televised

Man it was really nice of OKC to let us have a lead for awhile.

OKC is the dumbest team in the league but they will find a way to beat us.

Durant is unstoppable

I'm convinced that ad with knight dribbling is a combination of Photoshop and movie maker because he never hit his foot

Villanueva is trying to kill himself on the bench, apparently.

Will that get us out of his contract?

We have more moral victories against OKC than the rest of the league combined

Frank gets 90% of the blame. This is probably his worst coached game of the year. He constantly kept OKC in the game with is terrible subs.

Do you guys realize this was okc's 4th game in 5 nights     and they still beat us

I think this is the stat of the night: Okc 42 attempted free throws. Forty two!

Half of them were off flops

And westbrook didn't called for a single punch elbow or up and down

We lost this game because We have no go to scorer OKC was gifted 42 free throws Our PG's went 2-20 One of our PG's is still Will Bynum Frank sucks We have no shooters The refs love some OKC OKC is more talented

Let's not over-react here. We just lost by 2 to the second best team in the league, and I'm pretty sure at least one of the officials had money on the Thunder.

OKC is not the 2nd best team in the league. They are the most overrated team in the league.

It was a poorly officiated game, a poorly coached game and our players suck.

You think the 42 to 17 free throw disparity was impartial officiating?

That's what happens when you have no shotblocking presence. Teams drive on you until you can stop it and usually we can't. That equals more FTs.

No I don't think those type of fouls were the problem, it was the touch fouls. Nothing greater exemplified it than the Westbrook elbow to Bynum and FTs.

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