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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hornets 11/16

It took until late in the first quarter, but they finally got to the "The Refs are giving them the game" whining.   This is the first time I think that I've seen fans saying they don't like Durant.  Nobody likes Russ     Personally I loved their swagger last night.    You have to feel for a fan base that starts talking about tanking and the lottery 7 games into the season.  Enjoy...

Crowd the lane and let Westbrook shoot 40 times. Put Rivers on him!

I actually think we win this in a comfortable fashion if we play our best game. Unmitigated Westbrook is enough to make me think this. Harden really made a difference for that team. I mean, we played pretty awfully against Houston and made it a 4 point game. I think we win by 7 if everyone shows up in some capacity.

The guy in the pre-game show said "you won't go into the Thunder's house"... This game is being played in New Orleans.

I heard that. He said something about not being able to go into the Thunder's house and outshoot them.

I love the Thunder and all but I hope we smack em, I think we can sneak one on em

I wonder which Hornet Perkins will try to pick a fight with tonight.

Martin's wide open every play..

Kevin Martin killed us w/Houston now he’s killing us w/OKC… This really sucks & AD is not having a good game.

Yall realize OKC is threatening to score 70 by halftime

Davis has to watch out for Ibaka.

What's up with our attendance? The arena looks half empty

Ibaka is just abusing Davis so far

I'm sorry but Davis is a bad or half hearted defender... Maybe both.

Ibaka going for 15 blocks tonite.

Refs calling it one sided. It's ridiculous.

Wow... How do you not call the hack on Anderson?

Everybody's getting mugged.

Robbed Vasquez of continuation... WTF. These refs are making this game worst than it needs to be.

The Thunder are talented enough. They don't need any help from the refs.

Another terrible call...

It's clear that the Hornets can't match the Thunder intensity without fouling out of the game.

The Hornets need to start attacking. Make em foul you. But then again we probably won't even get any calls in our own house.

Yep, I'm done watching this. Not even because of how we're playing. These refs are terrible.

Why is it that every single time OKC drives, a foul is called? Same nonsense happened last game with Houston

And why is Kevin martin all of a sudden Michael Jordan? Unreal

Someone needs to take one for the team on Kevin Martin. I won't even be mad. And then he tries to flop. Get outta here Martin.

Well, a lot of ya'll like to be in the lottery so get ready. I mean how could we look so good the first 3 games and then look like this the next 3?

We are playing the best team in the West in my opinion,

How in the WORLD did the hawks beat this thunder team by 9

Is there a mercy rule??

So...this is what an NBA vs. D-league game looks like.

Hmm, Durant taunting the Hornets Definitely haven’t seen this side of him before

When you're playing that bad, you honestly deserved to be taunted...

Oh so Kendrick isn't going to get into it with a Hornets player but with the Hornets coach? Really?

I'll bet if Kevin Martin played on this team he would probably all of a sudden no longer know how to shoot.

OKC is an abomination to Nba basketball. The hatred I have for them makes this game that much worse

They are a good team. They are not a fun or entertaining team for me to watch. They are, in fact, my least favorite team to watch. Their brand of ball is boring and they turn every game into a whistle fest.

OKC is swaggering all over our floor. Can't let that stand.

How many PGs in the league would just let friggin' Perkins guard him full court? That's ****ing disrespectful.

I actually enjoy watching them, they are beyond good, they are one of the best teams in the league

Durant is a *****

Westbrooks is our best shot at getting back in this game. Someone should goad him, buck his head up. He'll start chucking and take the ball out of Durant's hands.

Let the Thunder walk up court, bunch of smug ******bags. Keep plugging away.

When you see a team like OKC playing like that it's beautiful ! I wish we could play with the same chemistry and confidence next year or the year after !

I would hate to be teamates with Westbrook on the court. I swear.

I've lost all respect for Westbrook and Durant. They have been complete ***holes this game.

Never liked Westbrook. Ever. He just better pray he stays healthy cuz if he ever blows his knee out and isn't so explosive anymore, he'll have no game at all.

Westbrook is acting like his is God and is pushing our guys every time we try to touch him.

I like how we tried to fight back, its cute

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