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Monday, November 5, 2012

Perk Makes a Difference

This headline in NewsOK caught my attention:

Title hopes might depend on Kendrick Perkins' long-term health 

For all the people who criticize Perk for not having big stats in each game, Scott Brooks and those who know what Perk really brings to a the team realize that he is crucial to their title hopes. It's no coincidence that when Perk was with the Celtics they reached the Finals twice in 3 years. Since Perk was traded, they haven't been there even once. On the other hand, before Perk arrived in OKC, the Thunder hadn't made the Finals. Since the trade? They've been there twice. It's not his stats. It's his leadership, his defense, his picks, his boxing out, his toughness.

Speaking of his toughness. Just look at the stare in the photo above. He was giving the ref one of those stares to let him know he didn't appreciate not getting a call on the previous play. When Perk was in Boston, he gave that look to a ref in a game vs the Knicks and they gave him a technical for the look on his face. He didn't say a word. Just that Perk stare.

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