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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - Blazers 11/2

Here it is! The first CFTOS of the season. I'll try to put these up after wins this season. The comments after losses are pretty depressing :) Blazers fans seem to embody the fact that if all else fails, blame the refs. I've been watching the Thunder since the Perk trade and in my opinion, KD doesn't get near as many calls as he should from the refs. In this game, OKC did get some calls but not near as many as these fans would have you believe.

This is gonna be a tough one. I expect Westbrook to go off.

I usually take a pretty optimistic view, but after last night I think OKC comes out with fire and the Blazers might get smoked.

Beat the NotSonics by any means necessary!

Perkins will try to punk Leonard. Should be interesting to see how that goes.

Ick, I really dislike Westbrook. I think he is a very good player, don't get me wrong. I just dislike the way he plays with his team. He is pretty selfish and seems to clash with Durant in key situations. I get the impression that he thinks he should be the guy taking the big shots and can take away from Durant with that Mindset.

Westbrook hoisting up ill advised threes is bad for the Thunder But make no mistake, him penetrating and making defenses collapse is what gets OKC their open shots. He’s also a fantastic defender and a matchup nightmare for opposing point guards not wanting to be posted up against. He’s such an athletic specimen.

I agree westbrook is a big reason for their success but they would be much better if he new his role better and was smarter in general.

They wouldn't be nearly as good as they are if he wasn't currently so good

At the same time it is the insane constant drive that makes him special, so you don’t want to punish the guy for mistakes that come out of that.

Durants kinda of wild?????? Uhh, lets flip that. Durant is smooth as silk.

It would be bliss if we could defeat the Thunder tonight. I really don’t like them.

Don't like them either Except durant, he’s too classy not to like.

Westbrook's face will always attarct my hatred.

I hope Westbrook is Westbrook tonight. Shoulda kept James Harden and traded Westbrook.

Brooks on Blazers: What they did to the Lakers, that’s what they do at home. They’re a very good team at home & we have to play well tonight

I like (that ) it strongly implies ... “but they’re on the road tonight and will stink.”

Ooh, with Phil Jackson gone, will Brooks become the coach who tries to play little mind games with opponents?

Thunder announcers sure are cocky

Ugh, KMart always kills us.

Westbrook scores after elbowing the defender.

Come on, they lost Harden. Refs feel sorry for them, and so should you.

I fear this team so much less without Harden. It's crazy.

Agreed. Rightly or wrongly. They’re just less scary.

Even with Kevin Martin to replace him? Martin is really good, just stuck on a bad team last year. I think he easily makes up for what they gave up with Harden. OKC’s FO is so damn smart.

What a shocker, KD to the free throw line and the opponent isn't sure why.

Cant let KD go scoreless in an Q bro

Hey look he's back to the line. I really despise the appearance of preferential treatment.

OKC has that drive and dish to the cutter play down pat.

I never enjoy watching games played in OKC

Hatred and vitriol for Sonic-stealing? Or something else?

Watching fans cheer for a stolen team falling into their lap while on the rise Never experiencing the pain of an expansion NBA franchise (and letting Seattle deal with the growing pains, while OKC got the reward)

Looks like OKC is getting some love from the refs.

I love me some westbrick

it's fun to watch him blow by 3 guys If I was a thunder fan i’d be crying on those near-amazing moves that end w/ a miss

Full credit due, that looked like a nice block by Ibaka.

Thunder announcer: "Thunder a nine-point advantage, 49-42..."

Maybe this technical will get Aldridge and The Blazers going....

Thunder announcer: Aldridge came up yapping like a Chihuahua

Yeah Perkins was totally innocent, no doubt.

I think I dislike the Zombie Sonics even more than the Lakers.

The refs are taking Portland out of rhythm.

The first KD drive with no foul called.

This game would be more enjoyable if I didn't know OKC was going to get a call every time down.

The fact that Thabeet is getting rotation minutes Is comparably egregious to the Harden trade.

It sucks when crappy Thabeet scores.

7ft3 hasheen all proud For blocking our little pg

OKC fans all freaked out because they think Thabeet is a BEAST

Every play for okc seems like a fast break

Kevin Martin is incredibly annoying.

The most garbage point accumulator in the NBA Kevin Martin

The Blazers are getting jobbed by the refs.

Seems to happen a lot in OKC...

KMart and KD were made for each other. Two guys who make a living flailing around and drawing fouls.

I'm watching on FOX Oklahoma The announcers are by far THE MOST BIASED I have heard in a long time…

God I hate playing the Thunder Whistles go off every 10 seconds against these guys.

These refs are going into super makeup mode because they called something against Durant

Ugh they just called Nolan lillard

All black people look the same to Thunder announcers

I think OKC has gotten a whistle every time down in this quarter.

There's a new 6th man for the Thunder. He wears white and black, and carries a whistle.

He's been on their team for the last 4 years.

I hope Kevin Martin gets fined 20 Ferrari's for this game


KMart is one of those guys I irrationally hate. Mostly because he gets a ton of star-type calls without being an actual star

That was a freaking flop by durant

I'm not sure I know what a foul is anymore. Is it every time KD or Westbrick misses a shot?

Or when Martin has the ball and is within a foot of another player

Announcer insists that Perkins is a Warrior. That is dumb, because he clearly plays for the Thunder

Durant still crying for calls after the game is over

I don't enjoy watching neither he nor Westbrook play

Well the refs changed the complexity of the game

It's a Thunder game. They'd be lucky to win 30 on the season without them.

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