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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Bobcats 11/26

Poor Bobcats.  Just when they were feeling pretty good about themselves, along comes the Thunder..    This is the third team  where someone mentioned the Thunder being cocky.   I don't see it. Maybe it's just winning swagger that they are mistaking for cockiness.   I've highlighted my favorite comments in bold.  What are yours?  

Looking forward to the game This is a great measuring stick for us.

This game will be fun. They’re obviously much better, but it’s kind of a big brother-little brother match up with us modeling our success on the “Thunder Model”.

We still need to find our "Durrant" to have a shot at progressing to that level And the way the season is going we probably won’t have good lottery odds.

I hope MKG dunks on Durant and Ibaka at the same time.

I imagine that OKC is going to be a real eye-opener to the young guys. I'll be happy if we play solid and don't get overwhelmed by the names on the other team.

I'm really concerned about the OKC game. They have the potential to completely destroy us and it wouldn't be a good way to start this rough stretch of games.

I think Ibaka is gonna have a double digit block game

The only way the 'Cats win this game is if Westbrook do his best Batman impression, and make Durant his Robin.

Bobcats win, Kemba and MKG have monster games. OKC is caught sleeping

If the refs don't call bogus fouls on MKG and Taylor we should win this even if our offense isn't great but just efficient and few turnovers.

I think we have a better chance of going 20/20 from 3 as a team than winning this game.

Biggest concern is MKG fouling out in the first 2 minutes of the game. KD went to the line 17 times the other night. 17.

Against LAC Durant was 19-21 from the foul line. The man is elite for a reason, he gets to the line very often and takes advantage of free points.

We're doing all the little things right defensively

Except guarding thabo

If thabo beats us by knocking down a bunch of 3s, so be it.

Mullens guarding durant now. This wont end well.

Durant shook Mully like it was nothing hahaha

Mullens on Durant? Bit of a mismatch there.

Mismatch:? I think no match is more accurate.

Hasheem Thabeet vs Desagna Diop Battle of the Titans

I'm already annoyed. Outclassed. I’m very disappointed that the game was over before the 1st quarter ended.

OKC has so many weapons. Kevin martin is maybe a better fit for them than I thought originally.

Thunder have completely taken kemba out of the game. No impact at all so far. Same with sessions. Neither can get into the lane.

Durant just toying with the defense, and the other guys on the floor with him are nailing shots. Gonna be a long night if that stays true.

Big difference between playing the Wizards and playing one of the top 3 teams in the league

Sessions trying to be Westbrook, and I would NEVER want Westbrook on this team!!!!!

Id love to have Westbrook on this team.

Ugh no. Westbrook on this team would be Monta Ellis. It would be ugly.

They've sapped all the spirit out of our team

You have to leave somebody open if you double durant. There is a reason thabo is shooting 46%. Most his 3s are wide open. Put him on the bobcats and he'd be lucky to shoot over 30%.

Bobcats are on pace for 52 points. Yes, 52 points in 48 minutes.

Cardiac Cats just went flatline.

This looks like one of those games that reminds us that we are not very good.

I've watched this entire half, and I still can't believe this is a score in an NBA basketball game.

I think Mullens learned basketball at the bball stand at the fair... Someone needs to tell the guy you need to make more than one shot to win the game in the NBA

That was a sick dunk by westbrook

Back to being the laughing stock of the league. For one night atleast.

No shame in getting beat by the best team in the league but don't get embarrassed

I think this game means a lot more than people think to OKC... Fans and media are heralding us as the next OKC and they are using this opportunity to show the the cats that we have a long way to go to be compared to them

I don't think this game means anything to them. They are just vastly superior to us right now.

Apparently the bobcats think you can stop playing once you reach 7 wins in a season.

Locker room after wiz game: 'WE DID IT!!!' Now... Who wants to drive the tank?

Mullens is a very frustrating player. He needs to be trained to stay in the paint and develop his post game before being allowed to range outside. Perhaps in practice they could tie him via bungee cord to the basket post, allowing him no more than 12' of travel from the hoop.

Forget winning, just break 70!!!! Please!!!!!

This OKC team is really getting to be cocky it seems….

I just cant seem to turn off the game. Somethings telling me that we can get this competitive. At some point.

You forgot the sarcasm font

I'm serious man. Damn serious. Call me desperate but I know somethin good will happen.

I don't think you're desperate Delusional. But not desperate. :)

I wouldn't mind getting this under 30....just for pride

This is so bad, everyone on this team should lose 10% of their salary!!!!!

Is Mullens hurt? Why hasn't he been in?

Cause he sucks

It's garbage time and Jeremy Lamb still hasn't come in. He needs a change of scenery ASAP.

Haha, they nearly doubled our score there when it was 45 to 88. These are the lolcats we all know and love.

It was 79-25 at one point in the third. That's more than triple.

Hasheem Thabeet had a double double Wtf. That’s worse than having the franchise’s biggest loss in history.

Only the bobcats could make thabeet look not useless

After Hornets game this was first game I missed I think (live, no league pass replay etc.) I am glad I did.

We are still better (record wise) than the Lakers.

let us never speak of this game again.

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