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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - Raptors 11/6

You almost have to feel sorry for Raptors fans.  Any fanbase that starts talking about tanking and the lottery just a couple games into the season has lost all hope.   They alternate between insults and good things about the Thunder and, of course, complain about the refs.  At least most of them are smart enough to know that the refs wouldn't have mad a difference in the outcome.  Enjoy today's Comments....

I hope we can win but don't see it happening.

God I hope Lowry outplays Westbrook, Can't stand him.

We need Harden to continue throwing hex dust at OKC.

Fields is going to shut out KD

Okc is there for the taking. This is better than when perk got traded to okc and Boston went emo.

Hopefully we can encourage Westbrick to chuck while Lowry puts up a 50 PER and we steal one

Lowry needs to get in Westbrook's head and let him take OKC out of the game.

This has all the makings of an embarrassment.

For the Thunder? Yeah I agree.

Thabo is an excellent defender, some of you are really underrating him. He has the length and quickness that really bothers DD

OKC is a serious team, looking to go top two in the West.

Andrea gets no calls..

Is it just me or does Durant carry every time he crosses over?

This team needs to upgrade its front court

Trashnani. Massacring the game of basketball 1 game at a time.


It's apparent that we'll never get a fair shake from these shady refs..

Maybe we should stop doubling off Sefolosha

We suck so bad, I hate my life

Bargnani is being force fed again, put the woman and kids in a safe place !

Bargs looks like he has brittle bone disease

Thabeet to Bargs, one bust to another lol.

This is what happens when you let a terribly slumping offensive Bargnani act like the #1 option tonight, he quickly bricks you out of the game.

You know it's sad when you get bullied by thabeet

I'm still optimistic we can be bad enough to keep our top 3 pick with a little lottery luck

I spent several hours today reading up on corruption among nba officials and rigging games. But there's nothing dick bavetta can do to save us tonight...

Apologies to those OKC fans who thought that they would be seeing a competitive game.

Hasheem thabeet has been impressive.

Man do we ever get calls anymore

Wow, we suck. I know it's the Thunder but this is terrible

When Thabeet is dunking on you then its time to hit the showers.

Thank God KD is off, we'd be down by like 40

It doesn't help that the refs are giving OKC more calls.

Even the OKC announcers are siding with the Raptors on some calls. And they're quite homerific

Jonas getting owned by Perkins.

Yup..good fans blame the reffing for this game

Presti knew when he made the Harden trade he was getting the #4 pick from Toronto.

Tank Nation is back baby!

**** you Ibaka!!!!!!!

This game is unbearable to watch. They get goal tending on their own basket.

I never liked OKC. They are not even that good.

We'll get the fifth pick, just one spot out of not having to give it away to OKC. It will be a glorious moment.

No point blaming the refs. We'd be down maybe 10 rather than 20, still losing.

I am confident in saying that I am a better shooter than Fields.

Westbrook is not a great passer, but he's elite at penetrating the lanes. Easy dump off to ibaka for the slam

Durant's actually sucking this game. Tell him to get me more stats for my fantasy team and to stop freaking turning the ball over. You'd think a scoring champ would be able to get a bit more points vs the Raps.

Durant crying for a call and we can't buy one...

Why is thabeet better than barg...

Durant looks so bored

ROSS is better than kmart

The raptors **** suck **** **** **** ****

Kmart is so **** DEMAR owns that scrub

This is just awful. Nothing ever goes our way. Refs, injuries, drafting, trading, stupid **** pizza at 100 pts, Calderon, Bargnani, Signings, Jerseys, fans playoffs t-shirt colors. NOTHING! And when a miracle happens and we get an All Star. He leaves, or gets injured. Yeah awesome being a Raptor fan.

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