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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - Lakers Meltdown

Remember how cocky the Lakers fans were going into the season? They were going to go 82-0 and with all that talent, they were going to dominate. I was skeptical and mentioned the age and miles on their key players and lack of a bench to give those key players a rest. I was skeptical with Mike Brown and even more so with Mike D'Antoni. What amused me is that the Lakers were so bad, they didn't even complain about the refs costing them the game. Now, it's kind of fun to watch Lakers fans self destruct. Lakers fans are insufferable and so it's rather fun to watch the meltdown, wouldn't you say?

Man this is a must win.

This is a must win game for us, from now on, every game is a must win for us. I'm not panicking, but for god sakes, we're almost half way through the season. And if we don't start winning now, we won't make even make the playoffs, and if we do, we don't want to face OKC in the first round.

Should be a blowout, I don't care , I'm sticking with this prediction. IT HAS TO HAPPEN, OR IM GONNA SUICIDE.

Irvings gonna kill us

Kobe gonna shut him down. Cavaliers only source of hope is Kyrie. If he gets shut down, we will have a great chance to win.

Can't belive I'm nervous about a game against the Cavs

Why do teams just make every shot against us?

Did we just get posterized by Sideshow Bob?

Artest cant stay with anyone on D. God

When it comes to idiots and low IQs, We give the Kardashians a run for their money...

Kobe with two missed FTs already..

Kobe got the Dwightitis

This team is embarrassing. I want my money back!

Dwight's post game is so abysmal. Imagine him in the triangle...

This team is really bad.. They have to make some kinda move

Someone should tell Hill that there's a reason why everyone leaves his ass open

Dwight is so overrated I am gonna puke.

Wait til hes 100% u jerk

Whew, a complete lack of effort again. Nothing has changed. Why are they so lazy? Has Kobe lost his fire, and he's rubbing off on the team?

Yep , we suck

This lakers team is laugh out loud terrible.

We're getting owned by the worst team in the league.

7 TO's, CLE shooting over 50% Yeah, the Lakers are going to lose this game...and then they'll tell us all "it's a process" and "we've just gotta do this and that and we'll be fine" but then they won't end up actually doing those things... Bring me the MLB season already...

Cleveland scored more than half their points off Laker turnovers. Yikes.

Butterfinger Dwight leads to the Lakers' 9th turnvoer of the game. Maybe these dumbasses should practice ball handling in practice.

Cavs wear masks. Lakers fans wear bags.

I can understand missing the free throws but how can you be a professional basketball player and miss wide open layups?

It's a standard clause in every Laker contract: missed layups & TO's are a must...

We are losing to a 4-17 team. This team is crap. There is no excuse if we lose this game. Not Pau, not even Nash. We have Kobe and Dwight Howard if we are losing to a team that is 4-17. We are not going to even get out of the first round.

6-16 from the line. These are professionals right?

Kobe on track for 30 points. This is good. Oh wait we are 1-9 when he goes for 30 or more.

The Lakers clearly don't give a flying [expletive] about winning...

Basketball is my life but watching the Lakers play makes me want to reconsider my life.

This team is a joke. Absolute joke.

I like how people act like they aren't trying. They are trying. It's just a bad and old team.

Dwight Howard has worse hands than Kwame Brown. I've never seen a player get the ball stripped so damn much...

Boy.. I am not a chicken Little usually but this team at the moment is an fing embarrassment. No effort. No hustle. Nutting. don't care who is hurt. This team doesn't give a damn.

I don't remember the last time I was so embarrassed to be a lakers fan...

Knicks are 33-11 since MDA left. Just sayin.

I'm done watching this. We suck

We have to fire dantoni I mean how many games again like these???

Pitiful. Disgusting. Horrendous. Sick. Horrible. Dispicable. Stupid. Shameful. Unworthy.

Somewhere out there, Phil Jackson is watching and laughing...

Posted Image

The perfect storm of terrible, coach sucks, players probably think they are going to get easy wins since they are a "Super team" and give a piss poor effort. Oh well.

Its official....the Lakers completely suck.

This is Horrible are defense is pathetic

I would have bough the Nash excuse about 10 games ago but not anymore.

Maybe lakers can convince Antoni to resign?

How many loses until Kobe demands a trade?

Gasol sucks anyway and the team still sucked defensively with Nash. I'll say it again: Mike D'Antoni is about scoring points...THAT'S IT.

Could dantoine be fired?

Are we just gonna want to fire every coach now.

We probably have a policy that we can only hire coaches whos name is Mike

Players are the problem not the coach.

Dwight not enjoying life as a laker. This is a disaster of epic proportions so far. Hopefully it gets better

Yeh, we have some poor players (looking at you pau) but we have some poor coaching too. Easier to replace a coach than a lot of players

I can't believe that Kobe must to play for the whole 2nd half For god sake let him rest he's old

Kyrie is about as good as anyone at the pg position. I can't wait until he's a laker

Dantonie is the head coach of the bad coach club

Dwight is hating life lol. We better do something big here or he's gone

What changes can they make? Find a team dumb enough to take some of the most laughable contracts in the NBA. They made this bed to win now and they are going to have to lay in it.

Man sometimes I just don't see Howards defense. He helps a lot...but more often than not his help D doesn't do anything, the guy ends up scoring anyway lol.

I don't get it what is the defensive scheme. Everyone just watching him shoot. This team has no heart and as a die hard fan its very hard to watch.

A team with Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant just lost to a team with 4 wins coming into the game. Team sucks, not worth watching.

We just watched a couple of lottery teams go at it tonight. Nothing much else to see.

Orlando is laughing because suddenly they got a lottery pick from LA

Trade hill and artest for a real SF or just hill

Name a team that would want MWP.

Reality is hitting hard right now. This team is in serious trouble. Most disappointing Laker team of all time? It is certainly angling that way.

This team will not progress until they can play defense, we just made the Cavs look like all stars.

Sorry but this season is over. Go into full tank mode

Why tank? We don't have any picks. We are so screwed.

Nash is one of the worst defensive PGs of all time. Yes, our assists numbers would've been better but Nash can only pass the ball to other guys...not make them execute the shot successfully.

With Nash, we would have given up even more points

Have anyone ever thought about this like Melo & Amar'e. Maybe Kobe & Dwight just can't play together ?

9-13. Time to push the panic buttom. Even Kobe is panicking right now.

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