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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 2 5/29

I have to say one thing, the Thunder have a lot of heart and just don't quit. I love that about them. I still think they can win this series. As this series goes on, I'm disliking the Spurs fans more and more. I can't wait to post the comments from these fans who feel so entitled when they lose game 3.  And how about Perk last night?  Great game for him.  Loved seeing little Perk on TNT after the show too.  He's dressing like a mini Russell and playing like a mini Perk.  :)

Let the bloodbath continue.

Lets get 20 straight wins and a commanding lead over OKC ... 2-0 will mean even more pressure a jump shooting team like them can't afford ...

Personally I wouldn't be upset if the Spurs snapped their winning streak in Game 5 against the Heat.

here's to this series making Harden shave off that beard.

The Heat-Celtics series will wrap up WAY before the Spurs-Thunder. So this time, the tables will be turned, and we will have a quick turnaround, with Miami waiting

Reminder: Last year in the WCF, the Thunder lost on the road in Game 1 but bounced back with a Game 2 victory over the fluke eventual champion Mavericks. They're going to be ready and the Spurs have to play like they realize Game 1 could have gone either way early in the fourth. Don't never give these Thunder no hope.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Comments from the other side - Spurs Game 1 5/27

 Well, that could have ended better.  I agree with the comment that Brooks keeping Ibaka out was a big mistake.  But, the game was close and that proves that the Thunder can hang with them and all we need is one win in their building.  Not sure where all the Fisher hate comes from but they really, really don't like him in San Antonio.   Like the Lakers fans, they trash their own players but then when they do something good, they are great.  Yes, players sometimes don't play well but that doesn't mean they suck or should be shot or anything.  I know these would be more fun if we won but hope you can enjoy them anyway...

I heard the Spurs just got their soundproof headsets. The Thunders won’t have any affect on them.

Best thing about this series is what's missing: The city of Seattle! Suck it, d*****bags! Nobody cheers Tim Duncan twisting an ankle and survives the karma

I swear to god if they have a t-shirt waiting for me in my seat I'm gonna tear my ticket up and leave. Please no white or black out.

Uh oh. Joey is officiating? That’s just crap. Come on. That guy needs to be fired.

Spurs up by one. Time running out...
Duncan laughs...
Crawford calls a T...
Thunder make two free throws...
Game over.

Joey's an old school guy. We're an old school team. I think he'll favor us, if anything.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Lakers Game 5 5/21

 Lots of fun comments today.  I've never seen fans complain so much about the officiating.  I mean, bad calls go both ways and the fouls were pretty much even.   But these fans seem almost obsessed with blaming the loss on the refs even though at the same time they admit that their players are not all that good.    So sad.  But I know you'll enjoy today's close out edition of Comments from the other side. 

OKC is going to be amped. We are horrible in elimination games. This is going to be ugly.

Think of the posotives guys at least we won one game instead of being swept.

I love the "win this and game 6 and then anything can happen in game 7" line. Apparently they haven't watched this series, or the last 10 years of Lakers basketball in close out games. This will be a bloodbath, and if Vegas makes the line even remotely close I would advise anyone to take the Thunder in a blowout.

I expect a huge blowout loss for us. Like 30 points or something. With Kobe blaming gasol just shows they are giving up. Everyone is gonna be angry at each other and have no team work. Kobe will put up 40 shots and make 10 and bynum will probably never get the ball. Gasol of course will take 10 shots form 15+ feet and make like 2. This team is so predictable its ridiculous.

It hurts to see fisher doing the huddle in okc

If we're down by 40 I hope someone goes bat **** insane and does something crazy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Lakers Game 4 5/19

Get ready to watch a fan base melt down.   From "our boys are bringing it tonight" to Bleep Bleep Bleep.  Too funny.  With fans like this, who needs enemies.  I've never seen fans (except maybe Miami) that complain so much about the officials.  They admit on one hand they are getting calls but then complain about every call the Thunder gets.  You would think Harden shot 20 free throws.  He shot just 8 while Kobe shot 17.  I also loved the graphics.  I think my favorite comment was where they blamed the slick floor on the Clippers tears.  After this game,  there were a few Lakers tears mixed in. Enjoy....

MUST win and I'm confident about this one great feeling

According to Thunder fans, the refs helped us this game. Do they not see how unguardable the NBA has made Harden? Dude gets a call just for walking up the court

We shot 42 free throws that's probably why.

We have so got this game. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I'm looking forward to knocking OKC's fans down a peg or two.

Anyone notice we lost the third yet again last night? Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been because of FT's.

Hoping for the refs to call a fair game, and treat Harden deservingly. Sadly this is as futile as hoping for World Peace (pun intended).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Lakers Game 3 5/18

I don't think I've ever heard fans complain so much about the officiating when their team was getting most of the calls.  The Lakers scored almost half of their points from the free throw line.  Think about it.  42 free throws.  And they have the nerve to complain about the refs and say they are playing 5 on 8.   Lots of hate for Harden from Laker fans. You'd think he was the one who gave Artest the concussion.   In spite of the loss, hope you can find something to enjoy in today's comments.   

It makes it harder to be a believer after witnessing that choke job. Go lakers

I don't know anymore....um don't lose too bad..I guess? Go Lakers lose by single digits at least.

Defend home court. OKC doesn’t have to win at Staples. Game’s 5 and 7 are back in Hickville.

Well now we wouldn't want to have a big lead with 2 minutes to go and lose by 2 now, would we?

Just bought a case of beer... I'll need it one way or the other

Don't have a defeatist mentality, like Karl Malone said in 2004 "Why not us?" Why not ?

Well... In the end... We didn't win anything in 2004 and Karl Malone never won anything ever... Soo...

The Lakers are 1-6 vs the Thunder since they acquired Kendrick Perkins & Serge Ibaka became a starter in place of Jeff Green. That 1 win was the Artest elbow game. OKC is just the better team.

Have a real good feeling about this game! Lakers gotta come out hungry for that win. Kobe's gonna show the world tonight why he's still the best SG in this game.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Lakers Game 2 5/16

This game was awesome.  Laker fans are so quick to turn on their own team.  Kobe makes a shot and he's the best player in the league.  Kobe turns it over and they call for his head.  I sure slept well last night.  A blow out win for my Celtics and then a soul crushing come from behind win by my Thunder.  And a good game by Perk to boot.   I think my favorite comment was the one comparing OKC fans to LA fans.  Priceless.   I know you'll enjoy today's comments....

I really wanna beat them.. This team is the most immature team in the league.. Their show boating and taunting is getting outta hand.. BRING IT!!! You will see them sulking and moping the min the start losing.

Wish we could get younger and faster overnight...

If we lose tonight. We will probably get sweeped again.

Its clear as day that OKC are going to wipe the floor with us.

Lakers will play better tonight. Probably only a 20 point loss.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Lakers Game 2 5/14

 Awesome game by the Thunder.  At least one of my teams competed last night.  It is so great to see Faker fans demoralized and defeated just like their team.  Love how they trash their own team when things aren't going well for them.  And when all else fails they turn to thuggery and hope to injure the other team.  Faker fans like their team are terrible.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side.....

Hope OKC is rusty and the bigs take on more responsibility because Kobe is going to need all the help he can get since he will be guarding Westbrook. That will drain his energy big time and I'm hoping that he will a little in the tank to close out 4th quarters.

If Perkins is injured then our odds go way up. He is a very good post defender.

I hope MWP introduces Durant to his elbow. Screw these cookie cutter over rated fools

Get ready for a very loud arena.

Thunder have never lost to us with their starting 5, Perkins as their starting center...hopefully he won't play...

Metta's reputation precedes him. I hope the officials aren't to quick with the whistle.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Mavs Game 4 5/5

Mavs fans are such whiners.  They complain so much about the refs and blame their losses on the officiating.  That got old by the 4th game.   I really hate fans who wish injury or death on other players.  That is really so classless.  Congrats to the Thunder on the sweep.  Now they get a nice rest while waiting for the Lakers and Nuggets to beat up on each other. And great job by the Thunder fans at the game.   Enjoy today's comments! They're so much fun when we win!!

I'm glad Denver won last night, because I don't want the Lakers to be too well rested when the Mavs face them in the second round.

Rick Carlisle puts in novel strategy for Game 4. He has hired a hypnotist to convince the Mavs they are playing against a team of Lamar Odoms. Suddenly, the Mavs players become aggressive, shoot lights out, and rebound at an elite level. Mavs win easily.

Most of us here realize this team has no chances and that okc are legit contenders. Anyway this team is going out. Sooner the better. GIves Cuban more time to mule over the roster.

Make harden westbrook and durant 34 35 and 36 years of age and lets see how they would do against our fossils..our fossils would kick their ass!

Lol, that would be the worst looking series ever. Washed up chuckers going hard. And yet, VC would still suck the most--just didn't age well nor adapt his game.

Wetbrook would surely be the worst.Also as harden wouldn't be able to go to the line ..that would be 75% of his scoring gone.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Mavs Game 3

Some fun comments tonight.  It always amazes me how fans turn on their own team and trash them when they lose.  The Lakers, Heat and Knicks are the worst at that but Dallas fans were trashing their own players too.  Also love how they think Perk is so dirty but wold love to have a center like that. And once again they have to insult the wonderful people of OKC.  I guess that just shows how ignorant they really are.   Hope you enjoy today's comments.  Any favorites? 

Dirk on ibaka? Who covers Perkins? You've seen what happens when the thunder involve Perkins in the offense.

One step closer to evening the series out tonight.

Hate the blue shirts. Should be white to match the home team.  

Could have put Mavs shirts on their seats in OKC and the dumb hicks would probably be just as happy and wear them anyway.

It is time for easy win!!!

Oklahoma is full of toothless inbreds and incest babies.

Those are the gentry of Oklahoma.

Harden needs to be stopped PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Stop him, we win. Usually things are more complex than that, but this is really simple.

Gawsh - I really hate Harden. Hes playing like he gets paid 20 mill a year.

An elbow to the head would stop him.  Cardinal is just the man to do it, too.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Mavs Game 2

Some good stuff today.  It cracks me up how they will criticize OKC fans for complaining about the calls and then proceed to complain about the calls themselves.   And then after saying how they were in the penalty for almost an entire quarter,  they say the refs gave OKC the game.  And they complain about a missed call on a smack to Dirk's face.  But then they totally ignore the missed call when Dirk clocked Russ in the face with his elbow.  And once again, they have the personal attacks on OKC fans which are so bad.  And I love how they turn on Dirk and call him soft at the end after saying he was such a beast the rest of the game.  Enjoy!!!! 

Man, I was totally devastated and was ready to throw our chances at winning this series away. But damn am I out for blood tonight.

I want nothing but headshots for the Zombie Sonics tonight.

We definitely need the combination of our three centers to outplay Perkins for gods sake. They were non-existent.

Thunder gonna get their asses whooped tonight

The refs are getting the final phone calls from Stern

Crowd seems louder than usual

They got the memo about the blue shirts evidently..