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Monday, October 1, 2012

On Perk's Importance to the Thunder

From Pro Basketball Talk's Thunder Preview:
Kendrick Perkins

With the acquisition in Los Angeles, Kendrick Perkins now becomes the most important player if the Lakers and Thunder meet in the playoffs, which most people think will happen in the Western Conference Finals. As I wrote previously, Kendrick Perkins is the best defender against Dwight Howard. (Superman's Kryptonite) Perkins will need to slow the big man down and take him out of the game in order for the Thunder to overcome the Lakers to advance to their second NBA Finals.
I love to see people realizing how important Perk will be to the Thunder should they meet the Lakers in the playoffs. I've read posts where people want to amnesty Perk to be able to offer Harden more. Those are so short sighted. As the Celtics found out, replacing a shooting wing for cheap is much easier than replacing a defensive post player.

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