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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - Lakers/Mavs 10/30

The only thing better than a Celtics or Thunder win is a Lakers or Heat loss. Seeing the Lakers lose their 9th straight game this season is a special joy. Love how they complain about not getting any calls in a game in which the Lakers shot 31 free throws to 18 for the Mavs. We all know that the Lakers and Heat get special treatment from the refs and all the whining by their fans that they don't won't change the fact. My favorite comment was where they described Artest as a homeless, diabetic, crackhead version of LeBron. Too funny. I can see Russell Westbrook already getting excited about being guarded by Steve Nash. Should be fun to watch. Enjoy today's bonus edition of Comments from the Other Side- Losing Lakers edition.

No dirk, no Kaman They won't hold us, not now we have Nash making perfect passes into the teeth of the defense

OT: Barbosa 16 points in 14 minutes.

Gotta enjoy Celtics/Heat basketball. Testy d***he bags left and right.

Can anyone tell me what happened to LeBron? Why didn't he end the game?

He was trying to find an outlet to charge his samsung galaxy note 2 from all the picture taking of his shoes

When you're a Laker you get ticky tack fouls all the time but you need to be darn near powerbombed for them to call a foul on your behalf

Smh - where is the defense?

They're too busy stressing their minds over the complicated Princeton offense.

Laker games are gonna take forever to finish. Kobe and Dwight are gonna be at the FT line a lot lol

I'm thinking I'm going to hate Ron this year like I haven't hated a Laker since Radmanovic.

TNT has shown at least 50 Lebron commercials today...seriously

I'm tired of bron's commercials and I don't even live in the US. How **** up is that?

Teams will try to beat us with speed and jumpshooting, only the Spurs can go toe to toe with us half court.


It seems like being guarded by Metta is painful lol

Does Pau have to yell every damn time he shoots?

I smell a year that is a bigger disappointment than 2004.

Their guard is scoring on Nash at will(no surprise there)

Seeing the same defensive issues we've had over the previous 3 seasons

With the offensive power the Lakers have they shouldn't even have to play defense.

Nash looks pretty bad on defense, not that it wasn't expected.

Lets pretend this team doesn't look awful and everything is going to be okay.. Dominated by an awful team at home..

We are about to be 0-9 in games with the Princeton offense, and potato head brown still hasn't realized it doesn't work?

Gasol getting his pansy ass owned

Pau is so damn lost defending PNR

Dwight 3-14 from the FT line. **** puke

This is a roster basically put off waivers and cast offs and we are making excuses for getting blown out on our own floor.

Darren Collison stating that the Mavs know that the Lakers are a very good team. You're **** with me, right Collison? Star power does not automatically equal a very good team, as evident by tonight.

Somewhere in Philly, Bynum is laughing and playing with his stupid hair.

Nash can you at least try on D

Why did Metta have the ball in his hands so much? Who does he think he is Lebron?

He is like a homeless, diabetic, crackhead version of LeBron.

Time to start measuring Mike Brown for the rail he gets run out of town on. I've never seen Nash seem so unenthused. The team played as though noone knew what the plan was.

I'm all out of excuses, someone please give me an excuse.

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