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Monday, September 17, 2012

Celtics Links for Today 9/17

Herald  Russians prepare to invade Timberwolves
Matt Barnes joins Clippers with Blake Griffin’s approval
Oft-injured Mike Miller says he will be ready for Heat season
Celtics Green  Player Profiles -Jason Collins
Breakout ..... Team?
Psst! Hey You!? Wanna Write?
Celtics Life  Doc Rivers wants his players to "hate" the Heat
Fab Melo's "trimmed down tremendously"
Celtic Nation  Idiot Proof

CelticsBlog   Fab Melo Day: Get To Know Fab Melo
Jared Sullinger Day: A Rebounder, A Real Rebounder!
Celtic Thunder  Perk Not Worried About Dwight
You Gotta Love Perk
Real GM  Howard I Never Wanted Anybody To Hate Me
Lex Nihil Novi   Red Auerbach: The Equire Interview (Part IV)
Tiny Erupts for 24 and 10
CLNS Radio  Doc Rivers: Courtney Lee to start, Terry remain sixth man, Bradley's role TBD
Celtics Hub  Bob Ryan Interviews Doc Rivers
Celtics Title Town  Celtics Morning Joe: Howard wants love
Celtics by the Numbers: Atlantic Division- Washington Wizards
The Fab Empire  Recap: Doc Rivers Hosts ABCD’s 2nd Annual Hoop Dreams
Maine Campus  Celtics offseason moves line them up for another NBA Championship
Rant Sports   Boston Celtics: Guard Jason Terry Takes On Mentor Role
News OK  Oklahoma City Thunder: Kendrick Perkins said Thunder is chasing a ring — not the Lakers
Bleacher Report  Breaking Down What Makes Paul Pierce's Offensive Game so Effective
The Boston Celtics' Top 5 Training Camp Storylines
Pro Basketball Talk  Shaq has a plan for the Knicks to have a better chance against Miami which will help them not at all
Ridiculous Upside  The D-League Argument: Should NBA Vets Be Allowed to Play Alongside Prospects?
Forbes  The Sportscaster Scandals Not Yet Reported

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