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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Did the Refs Influence the Finals Outcome?

Just came across this video and wanted to share it here. It appears that Miami's title was preordained, whether by the league or by the refs. So many of those bad calls were made with the ref standing right there and watching it. They couldn't have missed them so they must have made them on purpose.

It is always so frustrating playing the Heat because you know the game is going to be called one sided. It may not have changed the outcome had the game been called fairly. But we won't ever know. But we do know that the outcome was influenced by the refs and so their championship will always have an asterisk in my mind.


  1. agree...its pre-arranged...nba is biz..need more market share by promoting & sell young names like Lebron

  2. u better believe me,,,once lebron goes to another team, that team will be the "next protected heat"

  3. Championship with asterix (*)

    1. Lakers title (before they "beat" Kings in WCF year 2002)

    2. Miami Heat 2012 trip from ECF to Finals

    3. NY Knicks drafting of Pat Ewing in 1985 (see the envelope)

    watch it on youtube...its obviously the NBA slow path to lose its integrity and strategic move to follow WWE :)...Hulk Hogan rules!

  4. After seeing this video
    I call the winner Miami C. Heat /
    next year change it to Miami F Lop
    or Miami Hinting Hoax Hits

  5. You can add the 2006 Miami Heat and the 2010 Lakers to the Asterisk list too. The Heat were all but given the finals against the Mavs that year and the 4th quarter of game 7 of the 2010 Finals was as fixed as a quarter could possibly be.