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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brooks: Perk Gives Thunder an Edge

Scott Brooks was interviewed by the LA Times after his annual golf tournament that benefits his alma mater.  He answered questions on the Thunder and their competition this upcoming season.  He admits that the Thunder are one of the teams to beat in the West but wouldn't go as far as to say they are the favorites.   He also stressed that in order to win they have to stay healthy.

He expects Perk to come into camp 100% healthy after having groin and wrist surgeries this summer.   He also feels that Perk gives the Thunder an edge:
Perkins averages just 5.1 points and 6.6 rebounds per game, but Brooks sees value in his setting of screens, ruffling interior players and raising the team's toughness.
"He gives us an edge," Brooks said. "He hates his opponent. He's not happy unless he's unhappy. His teammates love him. He's always in a bad mood. I love guys who go out on the court and compete. He's not shaking hands and trying to be buddy buddy. He respects them, but he's going to try to beat them and then move on."
Perks value goes so far beyond the box score.  He may not score a lot of points, but his teammates score more points when he's on the court because he sets some of the best screens in the league.  He may not grab the most rebounds, but his teammates get more rebounds when he is on the court because he boxes out so well.  And his value as an enforcer and as one of the best interior defenders in the league can't be measured in anything other than wins.  And the Thunder have been winning a lot more since Perk came on board.

On Celtics Green, I wrote about Doc going Old School by making the Celtics hate the Heat.  Back in the old days,  rivals didn't shake hands.  They didn't hug after losses.  They respected each other (with the exception of Bill Laimbeer) and in some cases, as with Larry and Magic, they may have become friends off the court, but on the court they were enemies and there was no hugging or love lost once they hit that court.  Perk is old school.  As Scott said: "He's not shaking hands and trying to be buddy buddy."  On the court they are his enemies and he plays like it.  And, I love that about him.

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