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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gerald Green Doing Good Things

I always try to keep an eye on some of the kids we draft and then trade. Gerald Green was a favorite of mine when he was with the Celtics. He was a good kid, but too immature to make it when he was first drafted. After several years in Russia, I'm very happy to see a much matured Gerald making it again in the NBA. He played well enough with the Nets last season that he got a nice 3 year $10 million contract with the Pacers this season. I still think he was robbed on that Birthday Candle dunk. Anyway, Pacers Coacj, Frank Vogel has some good things to say about Gerald in an Indy Star article. I'm pulling for Gerald to do well. It's that "once a Celtic always a Celtic" thing that Red started. (exception to which I would add Ray Allen who snubbed his nose at the Celtics- he never really was a true Celtic to do what he did)   I wonder if Gerald kept any of his #5 jerseys.  I mean, how many people can say that they were traded for Kevin Garnett and that KG chose their number to wear?   Here's the quote from Vogel:
“Gerald Green is doing things everyday I didn’t think was possible for human beings to do. D.J. has really blown me away in the limited time that he’s been here in terms of his ability to create and make others better. That’s a unique talent to have. Literally on almost every possession he makes somebody better with his passing.”

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