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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perk is a Warrior

 We all know that Perk is a Beast but what we learned in these past playoffs is that Perk is a warrior.   As the OKC Thunder went to the Finals and fell just short of a title, Perk seemed to struggle at times and some fans were ready to write him off.  But after the playoffs we found out that Perk had a very good reason for his struggles.

First, we learned that Perk had played the final 3 series of the playoffs with a partially torn muscle in his groin.  I mean, most guys get a strained muscle and they are helpless and unable to play.  But Perk played with a partially torn muscle and never complained.  He never made an issue of it.  At times we saw a slight limp or a grimace when he came down from a dunk or a rebound, but that was it.   We didn't know the extent of that injury until after the playoffs when it was announced that he had surgery for a partially torn groin muscle.

But that wasn't it.  He also had surgery for a ligament tear in his left wrist that he suffered in the Western Conference Finals.  He played part of the WCF and all of the Finals with a ligament tear in his wrist.  Again, we never heard a complaint or one mention of it from him as an excuse for his struggles. Most players get a bruise and they sit, but not Perk.    He played hurt and when you consider the injuries that he had, he played quite well.

I don't know about you, but a guy that tough and that much of a team player is one that I want on my team every time.  And he is expected to be ready for training camp, in spite of 2 surgeries to repair a torn ligament and a torn muscle.   Just as Perk has always done,  he will work his tail off to be ready for the season and not just be ready, but be in great shape to help his team to the best of his ability.  I love Perk.  I always have and always will.    this proves without a doubt that he is a warrior - and every team needs one of those.

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