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Welcome to FLCeltsFan's Celtic Thunder blog. I plan to list a very eclectic variety of posts here concerning both of my favorite teams and especially my favorite player- Kendrick Perkins. I hope you will enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Perk - Center of Attention

Here's a really good short documentary on Perk from when he was still with the Celtics. Perk's a beast on the court but a gentle giant off the court. When you see Perk and KG interact, you can see what a bond they had on the court and it's no wonder that the Celtics literally fell apart when Danny traded Perk. Great video - you can even see Perk smiling.


  1. So far history hasn't smiled on that trade

  2. When did you create this blog?

  3. Im getting those captcha screens you used to get at my blog

  4. I think I have that setting changed. Let me know if you still get the extra screen.

    I created this blog back in the playoffs to post the comments from the other side for Thunder. And I decided to keep it going with stuff about Perk and various things that don't exactly fit on the Celtics blog now.