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Welcome to FLCeltsFan's Celtic Thunder blog. I plan to list a very eclectic variety of posts here concerning both of my favorite teams and especially my favorite player- Kendrick Perkins. I hope you will enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Perk Kicks Wade in the Head - I Love This!!!

And if you just want to watch the gif over and over here it is:
Posted Image
Priceless.  I just can't get enough!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - Thunder Lakers 3/29

Lakers fans are so lame.  They start out so blustery and puffed up and bragging on all their players and in the end are ready to amnesty them all and throw every one under the bus.   Oh, and I haven't seen a fanbase complain so much about the refs but yet gets so many calls other than the Heat.  Enjoy 

I really think LA will show up with a purpose in this game, and look to take it to OKC. And Harden was definitely trash talking Kobe last time. I think Kobe will come at aggressive.

I doubt Kobe will even shoot good this game despite what Harden was doing last game... Just seems like it's impossible for him to have a good game anymore.

Our bigs will dance all over theirs. They got nothing inside but over rated porkins and ibaka. We'll rule the boards and the paint.

Kobe is going to show everyone who the big dog is and who the puppies are. Watch out, Beard Boy because the Barber Man is coming...

I hope he crushes the Thunder but then again he's old