Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celtics Links for Today 8/2

Herald  Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph helping rescued pit bull
Knicks sign free-agent guard Chris Smith
Anthony Davis: From college star to US Olympic sub
US men’s basketball set for familiar Nigerian team
Globe  Doc Rivers to Yahoo!: Blame me, not Rajon Rondo, for Ray Allen leaving
Ex-Laker Barnes out of jail after warrant arrest
Celtics Green  Getting Buckets with Rajon Rondo
The Importance of Team over Superstars

Celtic Nation   Summer Quandaries, or Entering the Dead Zone
Remembering Red
Straight Shooter
Lex Nihil Novi   Celtics v. Lakers: Analyzing the Last Eight Regular Season Games
Do We Need Jules and Vincent to Deal with the Jeff Green "Situation"?
Celtics Life  Doc Rivers confirms Ray Allen rumors, blames himself for his departure
Video: Celtics Summer League Mix
CelticsBlog  Mailbag Answers II: The Jeff Green Edition
Celtic Thunder  Lots of Love for The Beast
ESPN  Rivers shoulders blame for Allen's departure
Follow the leader
Baron Davis launches gaming company
Green Street  KG's 5 Belongs In The Rafters
CLNS Radio   Doc Rivers Says It's His Fault Ray Allen Left
Red's Army   Fab Melo turned to basketball because he was awful at soccer
Doc takes the blame for Ray leaving
Celtics Sneaker Madness continues
Your Morning Dump… A case for putting #5 in the rafters
5 years of KG moments
CSNNE   Blakely: Rivers understands need to protect star player
Rivers takes the blame for Allen's departure
NESN  Doc Rivers Shoulders Blame for Ray Allen Leaving, Admits Initially Being 'Pissed'
Ray Allen's Departure Had Nothing to Do With Rajon Rondo, Everything to Do With Doc Rivers' Coaching Philosophy
Vote: Who Do You Blame for Ray Allen's Departure to Miami?
Celtics Hub   Woj: Doc Rivers Blames Himself For Ray Allen’s Departure
Celtics Town Doc Rivers, on Ray: “It was me, more than Rondo.”
I’m irrationally happy Fab Melo admires Tim Duncan, Hakeem Olajuwon and Kevin Garnett
Mass Live  Doc Rivers initially upset by Ray Allen's departure for Miami Heat, but blames himself
Celtics Title Town  Celtics Morning Joe: Rondo's game will do the talking
KG Versus Series: KG takes Moses
Greatest Celtics Moments: Magic's final game at Boston Garden
NBA Point Forward   Teams left smiling from NBA offseason
Hangtime Blogs  Nigeria Will Be A Different Test For U.S
Space City Scoop  The Boston Celtics are better off without Ray Allen
Bleacher Report  Breaking Down Why the Boston Celtics Won the NBA Offseason
Can Ray Allen Succeed in Sixth Man Role with Miami Heat?
CBS Sports   Allen Iverson Says He And Tyronn Lue Are 'The Best Of Friends'
Pro Basketball Talk  USA handily beats Tunisia but doesn’t earn many style points
Real GM  Why The Owners Want Olympic Basketball Marginalized
Courier Press Ex-USI guard Smith has shot with Celtics
Mavs Moneyball  My Jason Terry Memory
WEEI   Doc Rivers on Ray Allen departure: "Blame me, not Rondo"
1390 The Fan  Timberwolves To Introduce Stiemsma Thursday
Lakers Nation Is Doc Rivers the Best Candidate to Replace Coach K. for Team USA?
Hoopsworld   NBA@2: Boston Celtics Better Without Ray Allen?
Business Week  Former NBA Referee Donaghy Told to Leave Betting Radio

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