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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Rockets 12/29

There is a lot of hate for Cole Aldrich in Houston. I think I could have filled a couple pages with just the anti-Cole comments.  And they don't like Toney Douglas much better.   And like every team they talk about Russ shooting the Thunder out of the game but he always comes through in the end. Enjoy today's comments. What's your favorite?

It amazes me that OKC is 1st in offense despite having Russell Westbrook at PG To me, this is just a testament to how efficient every other player on that team is.

Not expecting much out of this game tbh. We looked pretty gassed last game and the Thunder are pretty damn good.

I'm not even thinking "win," I just want James Harden to have a good, confidence boosting performance against his old team so he can get that monkey off his back.

Come out with a couple of screens from parsons and harden to get lin to the basket. After that, westbrook will be severely offended and make it personal to the point where he takes 50 shots! We win this one in a blowout.

Memo to rockets: martin loves the three, martin makes the three.

Yo Hasheem you got some stuff in your hair.

I really wish we could get this one for Harden. But considering how tired our guys are and how good OKC is, a game of not blown-out is a good one in my book.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Mavs 12/27

This was fun to follow on the Mavs boards as they started out with no hope.   Then they started to think they might win.   And then they got hope once again when Collison hit that miracle shot.  Then they gave up again.  Interesting that they are blaming everything on their prize free agent signing.  Mayo can't be that bad, can he?  Anyway.  I hope you enjoy these comments.  What are your favorites? 

Dirk should just sit this one out and play more minutes against Denver. The Mavs (IMO) don't have a chance against OKC but against Denver there is a chance.

Huge embarrassing loss!

The Mavs will finish in second place tonight..

Is there any minutes limit for Dirk?

The Thunder hope so.

Mavs win tonight

Loss by less than 20 points = victory

Man, something really pisses me off about Westbrook's smirk.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Heat 12/25

I really have to laugh at Heat fans complaining about the refs.  They get away with so much it's not even funny.  LeBron went 6 games without having even one foul called against him.  How can a player who bulls his way to the basket and pushes players out of the way for rebounds possibly go 6 games without a foul?  They have a lot of nerve complaining about any officiating.  And even their fans recognize that LeBron flops but I'll wager that he never gets a warning for his flopping.  It makes me hate the Heat even more.  I love how they are complaining about Ray's defense.  I could have told them that right from the start.  In spite of the loss, I hope you can enjoy the comments...

How do you guard Kevin Durant, lucky Westbrook is not a passive PG, couldn't imagine Durant getting 20+ FGA, dropping 30 on the regular

If defence holds up should be an easy win

No game against OKC and all of that fire power will ever be an "easy" win no matter what defense you have. Unless Mike Miller goes 7-8 again from downtown its going to be a close game.

Gotta keep the defense up...maybe even need to play better defensively. That's how good OKC is. Can't let up even for a second, because they'll make you pay for your lapses.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Perk Up Your Christmas

Another great commercial starring Perk.  He's a great salesman.   I now have to buy 1% milk and if I even think of buying anything else I have this feeling of Perk staring me down. It's a good thing these necklaces are out of my price range or I'd be guilted by Perk to get one of these too.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Don't Dunk on Perkins

I found this and thought I'd share it here where I share all things Perk. Not only dunking on Perk makes him mad, it infuriates me, especially when people talk like it's a bad thing. I see so many bigs backing away when they see someone coming at them to dunk. Perk never backs away. He stands there and tries to affect the outcome. Will he sometimes be posterized? Yes. But he does his job and he does it very well. He may get dunked on from time to time, but he will never back down!!

Here are the words to the song above.


written//arranged//engineered//produced by Ry Smith. lyrics Don't dunk on Perkins//he'll be mad at you//don't dunk on Perkins//he'll be pissed at you//what can you do?//you're just trying to raise a family//you're just trying to do your job//you're not trying to raise a family the wrong way//so don't dunk on Perkins//or he'll be looking for you//don't dunk on Perkins//or he'll be mad at you//there's nothing you can do//you're not trying to start an argument//you're just trying to keep your job//you're not trying to start an argument the wrong way//'cause every way is wrong//you're just trying to raise a family//you're just trying to do your job//you didn't want to start an argument the wrong way//'cause every way is wrong//don't dunk on Perkins//or he'll be mad at you//don't dunk on Perkins//or he'll be mad at you//what can you do?

Perk With the League's Best Follow Through

Perk hits his second jumper in the game against the Spurs and then strikes a pose on the follow through. Have I mentioned today that I love this guy?

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Wolves 2/20

I wasn't going to do a CFTOS today because it was a loss, but there were a lot of fun comments in spite of the outcome so I decided to do one anyway.  There were the usual complaints about the refs, but a few of the fans were more realistic and saw that they got some calls going their way and it wasn't all one sided.  That was refreshing.   There was some discussion on the alternate uniforms as well.  I've highlighted my favorites in bold.  What are yours? 

Haven't watched a Wolves game on TNT ever. Which isn't surprising considering how few we've had over the past 5 years (if we actually had one). I'm stoked. Not so much about the actual game, considering that I expect a loss.

I believe '06 was our last one

Just a loss? I think they're going to kick our asses.

-They have a big mean center who can slow down Pekovic, Perkins.-Love is already struggling, and now he has to go against Ibaka? Oh and Ibaka seems to have developed some mid range game? -Ridnour guarding Westbrook. It could get.. Very ugly..

Dangit Kmart is out, I wanted them to be full strength

We better win now. Only Westbrook and Durant to key in on. Don't think Ibaka has another strong game in him. But even then, it could be a big problem

If we win tonight, I believe the apocalypse will happen tomorrow.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hawks 12/19

Atlanta is kind of the anti-OKC. As great as the support for the Thunder is in OKC, the Hawks just have a very lax fan base. They don't sell out, even for the Heat in town. And a good portion of the fans there are fans of the other teams. It's a shame because the Hawks have had some pretty good teams. There are the usual complaints about the refs and the well deserved respect for KD. Enjoy today's comments. What's your favorite?

We have this team’s number, and have had two nasty posters in our last two games against them, hopefully another one today

Wanna hear something funny, ridiculous, stupid, and Stern-licious ? Lebron hasn’t been called for a foul in the last 4 games

What does it take to get a sellout smh

The Heat or the Celtics

I also forgot that the Heat games don't sell out either

Whoa Westbrook NICE

Nonstandard camera angles make it harder for me to follow the action while drunk.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Spurs 12/17

You are going to love these. Spurs fans are a violent bunch calling for hard fouls and injuries to the Thunder players. Now I see why they embrace that thug Jackson. And as always, there are the complaints that the refs gave the Thunder the game.  Do they honestly believe that the Thunder only win because of the refs?  Enjoy today's comments.  What are your favorites? 

Spurs win off a Jack buzzer beater and OKC decides to give the team back to Seattle.

Serge Abaka gonna find out he aint bout dys life

I hate the OKC announcer

This game probably won't matter, but it would be a really nice win to shut people up about how good OKC is. So overrated right now

That is a big relieve. I’m a little nervous about his composure in this game

Are you worried he’ll go in Serg Abaka’s mouth? I’m sure Pop and Tim have talked to him and the Thunder guys have talked with Ibaka by now. But I don’t put anything past Jack.

The refs usually allow Jackson to get away with contact but they might target him tonight.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Kings 12/14

The majority of the comments on the Kings boards last night were about how bad their own players are and how bad their coach is. It was refreshing to finally see a fan base, however, that didn't blame everything on the refs and claim that the only reason OKC won is because they were handed it by the refs, even if OKC took half as many free throws. Enjoy today's comments...

I think a big time win streak is about to get SNAPPED!

This is going to get UGLY. I think the game will be over before half time

Its really too bad that OKC would never accept a trade of JT/Jimmer/Brooks for Ibaka and Eric Maynor

Looking at these teams, its a glaring example of a small market team who knows how to rebuild through draft and trade, and a small market team who utterly fails at that task....

OKC's defense is nasty! They're able to do a lot of things because of their size and quickness.

Brooks needs to stop trying to drive in. Looked like Westbrook got all ball to me. It's ridiculous for him to get a technical for that.

Very good first quarter. Good defense. Now lets all sit back and watch how Keith Smart STILLLLLLLL hasnt figured out its a bad idea to bench all his starters at the same time and watch this 2nd quarter disaster happen

Great coaching. The lead had just grown to 9, lets take out Tyreke and DeMarcus...

Shut up Aaron, that was clean. Aaron Brooks is a ****ing joke.

Well...um....at least nobody has gotten hurt.

Westbrook is frothing at the mouth with Brooks guarding him

I'd take Collison on my team any day. Really appreciate the way that guy plays

Kevin martin must love being on this team

Perfect spot for him. Wonder if they’ll resign him, and for how much? If he’d take 8 million would they do that?

Kevin Martin: “Wait… You mean you just want me to stand here and shoot?” Martin: “Don’t mind if I do”. He must love being on this team

Who is that guy? I wish we can get him on our team.

Man the thunder put you down fast while you're still playing well even

One thing I like about OKC, is that every player gets the ball to their PG, even Kevin Durant. You rely on that one player to get everyone set up, and then create. They play fundamentally sound basketball. Its fun to watch... Obviously not against the Kings...

Of course OKC plays like that. They have the players to do that. Look at their roster and then look at ours.

Nice of the ref to wait for Durant to score before calling the T

I hope the Kings get smashed tonight. Maybe the Kings will blow up the roster/front office with an embarrassing blow out loss.

The incompetence of the entire organization is making it easier to not care if they move.

Don't comment when you are drunk

There are Kings fans that are still sober at halftime?

No one can stop Durant

We are turning defense specialists into offense juggernauts.

Meanwhile how thankful must Kevin Martin be to be in the situation hes in now and not still on this train-wreck?

That was a great comeback with IT & Jimmer on the floor, shame that our stars couldn't contain the OKC stars earlier in the game.

Durant is so immature

Tyreke just faked the F*** outta Kevin Martin. Poetic justice, we made the right choice guys. Lol

BWHAHA Take that Kevin martin. You a**hole

Collison is good. A lot better than he gets credit for.

OKC tooks the 3rd quarter off

My one comment: OKC Cheerleaders are super hot.

I was thinking they were very average

Maybe it was a selective camera pan that did it. I need more tapes to confirm.

Too much orange skin, platinum blonde hair, and bad makeup.

Are there cheerleaders without at least 2 of those 3 things?

Keep it close Try to win in the final 8 minutes

Is 16 close?

For Us Yes

Sefolosha is giving IT all kinds of problems

God I Hate u K-Mart Feel bad saying that

If I took a shot for every time we were down 20 points I feel like I would be taking many drinks.

Down 13 with 6 minutes left

Durant Westbrook Perk Serge ENTER STAGE RIGHT

Yep, KD's heading in

IT Bringing back OKC starters

What just happened? IT brought us within 5 and we're down by 11 now

I hate that shit durant does Not a foul at all, hes swinging into the defender. Should be offensive foul

JJ reached in too. Reasonable call, that time, Imo.

So if KD comes up because the hand is already there no foul, if KD starts to go up and JJ reaches in, then its a foul

That's the idea. I think this time it was a good call. OKC is my second most watched team, and KD doesn’t get those kind of calls anywhere near as often as he used too.

Does Cousins just look disinterested when playing?

I thought he looked very engaged in the first quarter

His fully engaged percentage is starting to rival his shooting percentage!

I think you're confusing engaged percentage with engorged percentage.

He was afraid to go into the post against Perk and Ibaka, so he settled for long Js all night long.

Cuz doesn't want to get injured and protect his trade value. Probably can't wait to get out of Sac in a couple years. Cuz will be the type of player to take less money just so he can go to a winning team. This is basketball purgatory.

We deserve a much better team than this f***ing crap they play on the floor

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today's Boston Celtics Links 12/13

Herald  Celtics outlast Mavs
Aging Celtics’ legs working OT
It’s all up to Rondo
Rajon Rondo shows C’s how much he needs to do|
Old Mavs friends pay a visit
Miscues stall Mavericks’ comeback bid against Celtics
Pierce scores 34 as Celtics top Mavs double-OT
Globe  Final, Celtics 117-Mavs 115, double OT
O.J. Mayo says he talked with Celtics over the summer about signing with them

Minutes mounted for Celtics’ Big Three
Celtics Discuss Win Over Mavericks
Paul Pierce’s work in second overtime lifts Celtics over Mavericks at Garden
Bill Belichick talks 49ers, Gronk, Moss, Doc Rivers

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hornets 12/12

Not a whole lot of chatting going on by Hornets fans. Most of their boards don't even have game threads. Glad to see there are some Hornets fans that know it's bad to purposely tank. Bad for the young guys on the team and bad for the fans to get into that mindset. Of course, there were the ref complaints. It would seem that the Thunder win every game because of the refs. I don't get the fan that hates Collison. To me he's such a likeable, lunch bucket, blue collar player. What's not to like? Enjoy today's comments.

You know, part of me feels like maybe we sneak out with a win tonight. I am guessing the part that feels that way is not my brain....

Ill be at the game tonight rocking my Hornets gear and pissing all the Thunder fans off!

We already know what's going to happen. Durant will do his thing, Westbrook will do the gun in the holster thing at least twice, Kevin Martin will shoot threes, Ibaka will block at least 3 shots and Perkins will try to get under some Hornets player's skin.

I wonder if they learned their lesson on leaving Martin open?

When OKC makes runs, THEY MAKE RUNS....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today's Boston Celtics Links 12/12

Herald  Terry not emotional about the new Mavs - the old team another story
C’s Doc Rivers huddles with Pats
Healthy Bill Walton back to pedal program
Not Jason Terry’s Mavericks
NBA roundup: Anthony scores 45, Knicks rally to beat Nets
Raptors’ Amir Johnson suspended 1 game
Globe   Green finally getting comfortable in Celtics green
Reunion on tap for Jason Terry, Mavericks
Celtics Green Preview and Official Report - Mavs at Celtics 12/12
Lakers Meltdown
Jason Terry is a Celtic- Behind the Scenes Part 2

Comments From the Other Side - Lakers Meltdown

Remember how cocky the Lakers fans were going into the season? They were going to go 82-0 and with all that talent, they were going to dominate. I was skeptical and mentioned the age and miles on their key players and lack of a bench to give those key players a rest. I was skeptical with Mike Brown and even more so with Mike D'Antoni. What amused me is that the Lakers were so bad, they didn't even complain about the refs costing them the game. Now, it's kind of fun to watch Lakers fans self destruct. Lakers fans are insufferable and so it's rather fun to watch the meltdown, wouldn't you say?

Man this is a must win.

This is a must win game for us, from now on, every game is a must win for us. I'm not panicking, but for god sakes, we're almost half way through the season. And if we don't start winning now, we won't make even make the playoffs, and if we do, we don't want to face OKC in the first round.

Should be a blowout, I don't care , I'm sticking with this prediction. IT HAS TO HAPPEN, OR IM GONNA SUICIDE.

Irvings gonna kill us

Kobe gonna shut him down. Cavaliers only source of hope is Kyrie. If he gets shut down, we will have a great chance to win.

Can't belive I'm nervous about a game against the Cavs

Why do teams just make every shot against us?

Calling All Thunder (or Perk) Fans

When the Celtics traded Perk, I was devastated.   Perk has been my favorite player since his rookie season.  I've been a Celtics fan since 1969 and through all the great players that have come and gone, I've never gotten attached to any player quite like I have with Perk.  I can't explain it.  Maybe it's his honesty, his work ethic, his commitment to defense, or just the fact that winning means more to him than stats.  Maybe it is all of the above. 

When the Celtics traded Perk, I figured I would just keep track of him and follow him on the Thunder and went looking for a Thunder forum to see what they were saying about Perk and to keep up with how he was doing.  I found Thunderfans.com and right away, the fans there welcomed me, even though I was a Celtics fan.  I found some of the most genuine and friendly fans on the web there.   I spend a lot of time on other sites gathering the Comments posts and believe me, Thunder fans are among the best (as are the Celtics fans).  But, as far as enthusiasm and friendliness,  I don't think there's a fan base in the league as good as the Thunder. 

And a funny thing happened while I was watching Perk on the Thunder.  I started really liking the other Thunder players and before I knew it, I was cheering for the Thunder as hard as I was the Celtics.  Now, I watch the Thunder because I love the Thunder.  How could anyone not love that collection of young, enthusiastic and talented players who play the game the right way?   And Perk fits that team perfectly. 

I wanted to feature this video on Celtic Thunder so that if there are other Celtics fans looking to keep track of Perk or if there are Thunder fans who are looking for a forum home,  this is a great place.  Like I said, some of the kindest and friendliest and knowledgeable fans around.  Check out the forums here.  And check out the Facebook page and LIKE it here. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Thunder and the Ninja Turtles

Nowthatsthunderbasketball has a fun article that compares the Thunder and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Perk doesn't get to be a Turtle but that's ok.
Casey Jones is Kendrick Perkins – Casey Jones is a male character in the series that is a vigilante and sometimes fights with the Turtles. He carries an assortment of weapons, such as hockey sticks and baseball bats, and wears a mask. If weapons were allowed on the court, Kendrick Perkins would probably be carrying the biggest bag. Thankfully, all he has on the court is his Scowl Mask. But like Casey Jones, he will extol justice whenever necessary.

Today's Boston Celtics Links 12/10

Herald  Mates confident in Jeff Green
NBA roundup: Anthony returns with 34, Knicks beat Nuggets
Globe  Celtics defense on the upswing
Celtics' Wilcox fined for obscene gesture
Celtics Green  : Celtics Recall Fab Melo from the Red Claws
Red Claws Win 3rd Straight with 103-90 Win over Charge (Video)
NBA Celebrates 1 Billion Views on YouTube
Keeping Track Of Second Place
CelticsBlog  NBA Scout: Kevin Garnett still has it
Celtics' Defense Shows Signs Of Improvement In Win Over Sixers
Jeff Green is heating up: still an important X-factor

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Pacers 12/9

Most Pacers fans came into this game not expecting to win.  I'm glad their expectations were met.  Loved that block by Westbrook on Hibbert.  If you didn't see it, I have the video here.    I've highlighted my favorite comments in bold.  What are yours?  Enjoy today's Comments....

Gonna be interesting to see the Paul George vs. Kevin Durant matchup.

I think a better description will be humbling.

I can see K-Mart going for 30 on our bench wings and Lance.

Anything under 20 points and I call it a success.

The starters keep it close but Vogel brings in all five bench players and we never recover from that.

I'm annoyed that it annoys me that Roy hasn't won an opening tip this season.

Maybe we want 2nd/3rd quarter possessions?

That's something Roy would claim.Truth is he can't jump high enough.

Thunder probably my 2nd favorite team to watch. I have a huge love/hate relationship with Russell Westbrook too

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Today's Boston Celtics Links 12/8

Herald  C’s divisional woes go on with OT loss
Jason Terry’s shot on leave
Jason Terry’s shot on leave
It’s not too soon to be concerned for Lakers
Evan Turner scores 27 as 76ers top Celtics 95-94 in OT
Celtic Paul Pierce at Amex pop-up store at Faneuil Hall Sunday
Globe  Final: 76ers 95, Celtics (OT)
Courtney Lee disappointed over missed 3-pointer
76ers pose a big challenge for the Celtics in back-to-back set
Celtics waste numerous chances in bitter overtime loss to 76ers

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/LA 12/7

The first comment cracked me up.  I wonder how many of these Fakers fans were mans in Minneapolis.   Lots of Russ Hate. The usual ignorant comments about OKC, and of course, blaming the refs for the loss.   They are melting down and hate their own team, their new coach and expect Steve Nash to save them.  From what I can see, their defense is the biggest problem and Nash sure won't fix that!  I know you will enjoy today's comments.  I've put my favorite in bold.  What are yours?

I cannot stand these bandwagon thunder fans!!! As far as I'm concerned if they weren't sonics fans then they ain't thunder fans! I have to listen to these rednecks mouth off non stop and so far all I got in rebuttals this year is "we got 16 banners how many u scrubs got?"

I fully expect to get our asses handed to us tonight.

I think this game is winnable, it'll come down to whether or not Westbrook has a good game.

OKC is good but they're not imposing, they have flaws mainly one being it's bench. K.Martin isn't James Harden and he doesn't create for others like James did.

I wish Duhon all the best of luck in his matchup against Westbrook.

We gonna get murdered I don't even wanna watch.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kevin Durant and Larry Bird

December 7, 2012 is Larry Bird's 56th birthday.   I have a tribute and several videos on Celtics Green in honor of Larry Legend's birthday.   So, you might ask why I am mentioning him here in connection with Kevin Durant.  USA Today has an excellent article on Durant and in it he discusses the player he patterned his game after.  That player is none other than Larry Joe Bird. 

"Larry Bird is a guy I like watching," Durant said with a smile. "I watch film on him all the time. I like his approach to the game when he was playing. When I first started playing the game, my Godfather Taras Brown – who taught me how to play – he always was a Larry Bird guy, always used to look up his stats.

"So of course as I got older and started to watch NBATV, Legends games, and of course you here the stories about the rivalries with him and the Lakers and him and Magic, so I like his competitiveness, how low-maintenance he was, how he just went out there and did his job. He played hard. He played for the love of the game, and that's what I've got."
Durant has a goal of achieving one of Bird's milestones and that is to have a 50-40-90 season like Bird had in the 1986-87 and 1987-88 seasons. That is shooting 50% from the field, 40% from three-point range and 90% from the line. I have no doubt that KD will accomplish this at least once in his career.

So,now there are two connections between my beloved Celtics and the Thunder, who I am loving more every day. First and foremost, Perk is on the Thunder. And, KD is a big Larry Bird fan and is patterning his game after his. Of course there's the fact that Larry wasn't athletic, couldn't jump and wasn't fast. All of which KD is. Can you imagine Bird with KD's athleticism? Maybe he wouldn't have been as good because then he wouldn't have had to work as hard. But with Kendrick Perkins, who works harder than just about anyone in the league, as a teammate and Larry Bird as a role model, the sky is the limit for Kevin Durant.

Perk's Value Beyond the Court

I've said for many years that Perk's value on the court goes way beyond the numbers in the box score.   The things he does on the court makes his team better and makes every player around him better.  KD and Russ get open because Perk is one of the best in the league at setting screens.   He boxes out so that his teammates can get rebounds.  There's no denying that his teams win.

Wojo had an article the other day about Perk's value off the court as well.  We know that he came to a young team and became the veteran leader that helped the team put it all together and make the finals two seasons in a row.   Perk is the mentor and mediator off the court too, it seems. 
"I get phone calls at all hours of the night from different teammates," Perkins told Yahoo! Sports. "And I've got to tell them: OK, you didn't get yours tonight but…

"So OK, take Serge [Ibaka]. I'll tell him, "OK man, you got seven points tonight, then you need to go get eight blocks. Some nights it's not going to be your night, where you can touch the ball. It's like that on this team, especially when you've got scorers like Russ, K.D. and Kevin Martin leading the league in scoring."

Twenty-four hours before Perkins made an immense block on the Brooklyn Nets' Deron Williams in the final minute of the Thunder's 117-111 victory at Barclays Center, Perkins gave a knowing nod and shrugged. "The game ends, you go home, take an hour break and then I know it's mentoring time.

"Guys are gonna call."

Today's Boston Celtics Links 12/6

Herald   Rajon Rondo earns an assist
C’s pull together, dig in
Greg Stiemsma playing a very familiar role
Brandon Bass snaps out of funk
Stern: Spurs rested too many players too early
Kevin Garnett and Celtics beat T-Wolves again, 104-94
Globe  Final, Celtics 104, Timberwolves 94
Rondo's back, and it's good he never left
Greg Stiemsma makes his return
Avery Bradley says he is closer to returning to practice for Celtics |
Brandon Bass spurs Celtics over Timberwolves in the second half
Celtics Top Wolves in Rondo’s Return
Bass, Rondo explode in second half as Celtics run past Timberwolves

Great Video from Thunder/Nets

I like the slow motion in this video. They could have included Perk's block on DWill, which I particularly liked.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today's Boston Celtics Links 12/5

Herald  Celts PG Rajon Rondo on suspension: I was glued in front of the TV
Tuesday practice notes: Doc on Rondo
Celtics’ Doc Rivers hopes Rajon Rondo stays within himself in return
Green tackle identity problem
Posting Up With Sully: The Buckeye weighs in on OSU football
No apologies, regrets
Globe  Returning Rondo missed interaction
Waiting for NBA chance, Kenyon Martin hasn’t heard from Celtics
A quick thought on the Rajon Rondo fight, featuring a cameo by brawlin' Doc Rivers

Comments from the Other Side -OKC/Nets 12/4

This was fun. I really am getting to dislike the Nets. They have an array of thugs on their team and get away with a lot. Was especially happy to see the Thunder beat them. lots of love for KD among Nets fans. Also a lot of hate for Joe Johnson and Kris Humphries among Nets fans. There are the usual Ref complaints although I think the Nets get way more than their share of calls. Love the fact that they console themselves by being happy they aren't the Lakers. Good stuff! My favorites are in bold. What are yours?

I really hope Westbrook chucks the thunder out of the game

**** these OKC jerseys

Another example of the Nets opponent essentially wearing our colors.

Who is Tele going to guard on OKC?


Tele will make Perkins look like an allstar

They say thabeeet is doing well

He is they got a steal

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today's Boston Celtics Links 12/4

Herald   Courtney Lee takes full advantage
Short on numbers, C’s work on communication
Celtics Keyon Dooling gets point
A rested development
Globe  Globe 10.0 - Are the Celtics Soft?
Courtney Lee looks to get more aggressive offensively for Celtics
Celtics Green  Top 10 Assists of the Month
Rookie Round-Up: Sullinger Continues to Contribute
Grading The C's

The Ever-Quotable Perk

Perk is always good for a great quote.  His honesty and earnestness when he talks has always been one of the things I appreciate most about him.   When he was asked about the critics who have questioned his play this year, he had this to say:
“They didn't have to go through two off-season surgeries, either,” Perkins said. “I mean, they're going to say what they want to say. But at the end of the day I know what I'm doing. So whatever. Just check my winning percentage since I been here.”
You can't deny what he says. Just look at a tale of 2 teams. The Celtics were on the way to a strong playoff run and at the top of the standings in the East when Danny traded Perk. They had been to 2 finals in 3 years and would have had 2 championships if it wasn't for Perk's injury in game 6 of the 2010 Finals. Since the trade, the Celtics haven't made it back to the finals once. The Thunder on the other hand were on the cusp of becoming a good team. They hadn't made it to the Finals, but were a great young team. Add Perk. They've been to the Finals twice and are contenders to make it there again. Perk's contributions might not always appear in the box score under points or rebounds but they can be seen in the W/L column. Perk is a winner. He doesn't care if he gets the stats. He just goes out and does it. He sets picks so his teammates can get open to score. He defends the basket to keep the other team from scoring. He boxes out so teammates can get to the hoop to grab the rebounds. He gives leadership. He is the enforcer. None of that will appear as a number in the box score under his name. But all of that leads to a W in the record books. Perk added this about his contributions:
“I’m just trying to do my job, man,” he explained. “It’s not a team where I’m going to be coming out here getting 10-plus points a night. I know that. So I just try to find different ways to get involved in the game, whether it’s picking up full court with (Russell Westbrook) to locking up the best post player that they got on their team. So I just try to come out and have an effect on the game.”
And have an effect on the game he does and you'll see it in the Thunder's 14-4 record and .778 winning percentage.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hornets 12/1

I'm not sure if I couldn't fins a secret chat with all of the Hornets fans in it or if there just aren't that many Hornets fans. Most forums didn't even had game threads. But, the ones that were talking of course were complaining about the refs. And, for the most part, the comments were talking about how terrible their own team is. It was kind of depressing, to tell you the truth.

It's gonna be ugly.

We have Dancing Joe Crawford as an official tonight.

So many turnovers Oklahoma’s aggressive defence is reaping divends.

OKC is the most frustrating team to play against. Hate 'em.

They're only frustrating because they have elite, talented players. With Davis and the other guy, things be a lot more even.

Rivers isn't playing bad D on Martin, but this dude has always lit us up.

I counted Durant taking 3 steps and he gets to the line.

He must've anticipated Perkins getting there a lot faster than he...anticipated." Wat.

I was like "Wait. Somebody anticipated Perkins doing something fast?"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today's Boston Celtics Daily Links 12/1

Herald  Nothing soft about C’s
NBA roundup: Thunder hold off Jazz 104-96, sweep homestand
Courtney Lee lights spark as C’s pound Portland
David Stern fine Spurs thoughts from Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers will point in-house to spell guard
Celts cruise without Rondo, top Blazers 96-78
Globe  Final, Celtics 96-Trailblazers 78
Jeff Green leads Celtics over Trail Blazers with 19 points
Danny Ainge said he’s confident that Rajon Rondo will learn from his latest suspension
Rondo-less Celtics cruise to victory over Trail Blazers

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Jazz 11/30

The Jazz fans were mostly complaining about their own team and didn't have a lot to say about the Thunder.  Mostly complaining about the refs - surprise, surprise.   My favorite comment is in bold.  What's yours? 

Westbrook's a Punk

OKC by 30 because of Haywards 1/2 beard attempt. They think it's Harden in disguise and decide to crush us because of it.

Big Al vs. Sergeballu LaMu Sayonga Loom Walahas Jonas Hugo Ibaka... Even his name dominating Big Al. Hope it turns out otherwise in the game.

I think we have about as amuch talent as they do....... Maybe I am just swimming in the kool aid though.

Our Coach sucks, our starters suck, our young guys have talent but haven't had enough playing time to win. We are playing against the Durantula and the fastest point guard in the league since Speedy Claxton.

We have a team of normal humans playing against the Fantastic Four. Plastic Man, Spiderman, Superman, and the Hulk.

Carrol is going to **** durrant up