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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Comments from the other side - BONUS Heat Edition 4/28

I posted the comments from Knicks fans earlier and here are the comments from the Heat fans.  Big progression from the "Let's not suck" to the boastful fans at the end.   I find it absolutely amazing that they criticize Knicks fans for wishing injury on Wade and LeJerk,  but if you go back through the CFTOS for Celtics/Heat games this season,  you will find multiple comments wishing injury and even death on Celtics players.  They also trashed every one of their own players and now they are all the best ever. At least they can admit the refs gave them a LOT of favorable calls.  Enjoy.....

Let's not suck.

Heat should be fine. The first quarter may be a bit sluggish, but the Heat will be well rested. I'm sure it will be the best LeBron has felt in a long time. Wade should be fine other than the dislocated finger. Bosh better have his wimpy hamstring healed up

Crowd won't be a factor with this team. The toughest crowd we could have ever faced was the Celtics' crowd and they were mocking Bosh the entire way over a quote he said about how intimidating it is, pretty sure Lebron nor Wade was fazed by it.

Please don't be the team that loses to a team that hasn't won a playoff game in over 4,000 days

Just heard Bosh on the Jax show talking about starting at the 5, he's not thrilled.

Bosh you gotta do it bruh. KG at his old age is doing it now and it revitalized him and made the C's better. It made them better because they have one of their best, reliable guys playing at the position they are most weak at.

Comments from the Other Side - Mavs 4/28

 I never realized that Mavs fans were this bad.  They had some very nasty (and untrue) things to say about Thunder fans.  I really didn't think they had grounds for all their whining about the calls.  They ended up with more free throws than the Thunder had.  I thought the refs let them play, letting stuff go on both sides.  On one hand Mavs fans say Thunder fans are stupid for complaining about calls and then run on for a page or two complaining about the calls themselves.  Some good comments today... Enjoy! 

Mavs in 6. When has a team with a gunner PG with terrible shot selection ever consistently done well in the playoffs?

Westbrook is good for at least one Mavs win by himself..

We'll crush the Thunder

OKC is seriously favored by 8? Is that a Joke ? I was thinking 4-5 ... Mavs got this if they keep it close heading down the stretch

They cant hang with the Thunder.. THis isnt the same team.

Comments from the other side - BONUS Knicks Edition 4/28

From time to time during the playoffs I'll bring you some bonus Comments from a particularly interesting matchup.  Knicks and Heat are interesting to say the least.  I really don't like the Knicks or their fans, but I agree with them that the officiating was disgusting in this game.    I think they have some very legit complaints.  That was a horribly officiated game and any basketball fan watching that has to worry about their team's chances in a game in which the refs are so blatantly helping the other team win.  And LeBron is definitely going for the Academy Award - no matter where he gets hit,  he falls down holding his head and writhing in pain on the floor.  Enjoy these bonus Comments from the Other Side....

let's get it, we will put the league on notice...

Let's get it y'all. JR Smith has to be our Jason Terry add that third scoring punch behind Stat N Melo. Upset!

Yes, pressure is on Heat. Knicks have the most talent they will face.

I think the key is Shump, he is young, tough, and killer D, if he can slow down Wade the rest of the boys can put them away.

Watch the fouls, in this series especially. You know Bron and Wade get tons of calls so this is key. Hoping the refs call some of the maulings that Anthony does to chandler as well. Last time we played them poor Chandler got mauled all game, and in the 4th qtr Anthony only had 3/4 fouls...ridiculous

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Comments from the other side - Thunder/Nuggets 4/25

Lots of Thunder and Russ hate from Nugget fans.  Even some OKC hate.   But also lots of respect.  They don't want any part of the Thunder in the playoffs and I can't blame them.  Lots of fun comments today along with some ignorant ones as usual.  I hope you enjoy today's comments from the other side....

I want to see us beat them down so bad that Julyan Stone plays the entire 4th Q.

Bottom line, we have to beat OKC...just to prove that we can beat them. Karl needs this win, Lawson and Gallo need this win. You just HAVE to put a stop to this bleeding.

Harden or no, OKC will be playing. Just punch them in their mouths....or throw an elbow at their head..either or

OKC is a team that is definitely beatable because of their maturity and their dependence on 2 players. Tight D tight D and tight D, they fold

OKC has been depending on two players for the whole year and that made them the second best team in the west. Top 5 in the league. That's not going to play a factor.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Kings 4/24

Good win for the Thunder and some fun comments from Kings fans.  Interesting to see the battle between wanting to get a win and wanting to tank.   Loved how they said that Thunder's bench is trash without Harden and then seeing their team lose to said bench.  Enjoy today's comments...

Cmon KD, go for that scoring title son. Make Kobe sweat as well so he'll drop 70 on us the next game.

I'm putting the over/under for Ibaka blocks at 7. Any takers?

No Harden But ah, it won’t matter

Durant wants that scoring title I would love to see him get it!

If only they could play like this all the time. Someday...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Lakers 4/22

 Laker fans are really awful.  They trash their team on one hand and then cheer them on the other.  And some of the reactions to Artest's cheap shot were disgusting.  These guys don't deserve a title or even a first round win.  They go from saying Kobe needs to retire to bowing down to him.   At least some of them still realize that this win means nothing for the playoffs.  I mean how many times can their thugs take key players out?  In spite of the loss I hope you can enjoy the comments.  Just shows you how classless Faker fans really are. 

Get your bunched panties ready for another blowout loss fellas. Lakers are more than capable of knowing how to get blown the [expletive] out and not know how to play defense. Expect these clowns to get hammered big time

If we don't win this it could show that we can't take Thunder, getting swept in reg season...

You don't need this game to tell you we can't compete with the Thunder. Our front court defense is a sieve.

Do we even want to win this game? If we win, it solidifies OKC as the 2 seed and helps us maintain the 3 seed, meaning we face them in the playoffs second round. If we lose, we get closer to the 4 seed and get San Antonio in the second round. We'd DEMOLISH San Antonio in a 7 game series, but OKC scares the hell out of me. Why do we want to win this game, seriously?

Gonna get run outta the building. Westbrook killed the PG's last game.

Honestly, I'd be surprised if we won. The main reason I say that is because Ramon has no chance against Russy. He's just so damn overpowering for a pg.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Kings 4/20

Good game.  There weren't a lot of Kings fans commenting on the various boards  and a couple boards have just stopped doing game threads.  Many of the comments still were centered around the Maloofs and the arena debacle.   But there were still some good comments. There's the ubiquitous Russ hate.  Lots of  Serge and Harden love though.  Enjoy today's Comments! 

Tonight is Fan Appreciation Night and, according to the latest reports, there are only around 200 seats left unsold. Thus, we have the makings of another ARCO THUNDER lalapalooza

On the plus side Reke won't be on Durant. Unfortunately, Outlaw will be.

I can see.. DMC possibly picking up his final T tonight. Or maybe he’ll wait for the final game against OKC or LAL next week.

Sometimes like this when I see so many Thunder fans in the stands I wonder where all the Kings fans are.  I hate bandwagon fans.

i don't care if we win or lose these final games with or without him. I just want DMC to finish what he started and get that final T.

Outlaw has the same body build as Durant so why can't he shoot as well?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Suns 4/19

 Lots of Harden love here.  Seems like every team's fanbase wants to make a run at Harden when he's a free agent.  Hopefully he'll be like KD and want to stay in OKC.    A lot of their comments centered on the other teams they are fighting for position with and how those teams were doing.   Some fun comments today. 

Must protect home court and finally beat this guys.

Damn, who's gonna guard durant tonight?

Probably Duds. I'm much more interested to see how Westbrook plays - He' certainly capable of self-destructing.

We can't stop Westbrook or Durant.

Thunder are really, really, really good

Gortat and Frye need to take it hard to the basket. Don't be afraid of Ibaka.

Easier said than done

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Wolves 4/14

Some fun comments today.   Some of these cracked me up like the one where they match up favorably except at every position.  And this one cracked me up completely "At least he didn't try it on Ibaka.. The training staff would still be trying to get the ball out of his esophagus."    Enjoy today's comments. 

Our whole starting five averages less than Durant/Westbrook combined.

I'm actually looking forward to this one I like to watch OKC, and I have no expectation for the Wolves. If they can compete so there isn’t too much garbage time, that will make me happy.

Looks like a favorable matchup tonight I can’t see any spots on the floor where OKC have any serious advantage except for small forward. And point guard. And shooting guard. And power forward. And bench.

Are you implying NBA games are scripted? If that’s the case, I know a few refs who would like to change their bets before tip-off.

I was really gonna watch tonight. But I just got in from work, and I need to get up tomorrow. So sadly I’m going to miss our Puppies getting mauled by the champions elect

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Kings

 You have to feel bad for the Kings fans.  They got a bomb dropped on them by their owners and then another one by their team.  I can imagine   I can see where a blow out loss would be secondary on their minds to the possibility of losing their team.  Lots of anger toward the Maloofs.  And like the other teams in the lottery,  they are happy with losses that bring them closer to the top pick.  I kind of got depressed reading through their comments but on the other hand, Perk had a double double. Cool

This will not end well. OKC will remember losing to the Kings on national television and they haven't been great lately. Plus they still fight San Antonio for the top seed. If there's one game they have to get up for, it's this one. A 20+ point drubbing should be in order.

Is this game being broadcast in HD on dish? I can only find it in standard def.

Maloofs too cheap for HD. Plan to downgrade to black and white next year.

Blowout. Kings win.

Win as in win-win? Or win as in we'll lose but it's a W for operation tank?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - BONUS Heat Edition 4/12

The Heat fans are a really strange bunch. They go from being boastful to being depressed to boastful to depressed. Kind of like their team. They love LeBron one second and hate him the next. They love Wade one second and hate him the next. The call for Spo to put a player in and then when he makes a mistake or misses a shot they call for his head. I think it's hilarious how the Celtics have gotten into their heads. Enjoy this bonus edition of Comments from Depressed Heat fans :)

Don't even care anymore. it's championship or bust now, because god know's the regular season was full of BS and underachieving.

With the way we have been playing I honestly don't expect a win from them tonight. With or without Rose playing.

This is a must win tonight I can’t talks another loss to the stupid Bulls

DRose playing

Good, want to beat them when they are at their best

I heard the end of a promo on WGCI, it was something about Lebron and Wade hosting a party tonight

No way they are partying after that lose to the Celtics and before playing the Bulls at Chicago..I cant believe that...just...no way.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Comments from the other side - OKC/Clippers 4/11

They sure did enough whining about the officials only to realize in the end when it mattered most, they got the calls.   The usual Westbrook hate in full force.   Teams with star point guards usually hate teams that also have star point guards.  I like to call it jealousy.  They're not quite as obnoxious as Laker or Heat fans (few are) but they are up there now that they have their two stars.   It would have been so much better if the Thunder had won, but we'll get 'em on Monday. 

Let's Play HARDDD!!!! (BATTLE CRY)

VDN's battle cry?

Yep, that's VDN's battle cry as everybody ignores him and leaves the locker room

This game wasn’t as important to me as the Laker or Memphis game. I want a win, but it’s not one of those "I’ll kiss my ex gf (and I don’t plan to do that ever again) if we win-type game.

I have doing some prep for this game and have determined that Oklahoma City or more commonly referred to as OKC is a good team.

Rewstbrooks looks like he wants to scare a lot tonight..he could make things easier for us

One of the few games this season where I won't be disappointed if we lost, which shows how much expectations have changed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Comments from the other side - Celtics/ Heat 4/10

What a great game! Heat "fans" are among the worst in the league. They are so boastful and then turn on their own team in a heartbeat. There are so many great comments here that it's really hard to pick one favorite, but I think this one is right up there: "Rondo probably thanks God and bless his food when he plays the Heat because he eats the defense alive."  Love that they credit the Celtics fans there with the "Miami sucks" chants - but it was probably their own bandwagon fans ;D  I know you'll enjoy today's comments and be sure to post your favorites in the comments!

If we lose.. Lets all go become Knick Fans!!!

Thing is, that last game wasn't about Boston being great, it was about us sucking so bad. Please, let's not suck.

We got this one. We were embarassed after that last game. Heat are going to come out and take it to them. Will be a blow out. Book it.

Heat gonna learn about defense this game. Letz get That W. Rondo gets like 30 assists tho.

I want us to destroy these old dudes so f***in bad

No way the Heat lose to these losers again. F*** these old fogies! Let's get it on!!

Rondo is that team's everything, so it really comes down to Rio. Can he manage to not get owned by Rondo again? I'm gonna guess no, since Rondo seems to have Rio's number.

Don't let rondo get hot early driving and dishing... Rebound the ball!! They suck at it!!

SOmebody kill ROndo.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Bucks 4/10

 This was a fun game to watch and fun comments to gather.  Of course they did lapse into bashing the refs.  I guess that's normal when you are getting run out of the gym.   The Thunder did shoot 12 more free throws but then again, they were the more aggressive team.  It is nice to see a fan base on the verge of the playoffs cheering their team on instead of wanting to tank. My favorite comment was this one:  "We suck at being good."  I don't know why but that just cracked me up.   So much for winning one for the Sonics  :lol:  Enjoy! 

Let's win this one for the Seattle SuperSonics.

The Thunder are making their way toward the name recognition of the Heat, Lakers or Bulls. There will be some bandwagon Durant fans probably, and the listed attendance will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 15K. Sure, the actual attendance will be about 4/5 of that.

Ibaka is going to 10+ blocks in this game and will force the bucks to be a jump shooting team more then they already are.

With a much less talented team last year, we lost 82-81 at home to the Thunder...I wouldn't be so quick to say that we will lose this game

They were without that dude named Kevin Durant. I hear he's pretty good.

We're going to get absolutely thrashed.

Bucks win this by double digits...if Luc plays. Just a gut feeling, but I did have Taco Bell for lunch, so that may be it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Raptors 4/8

 Sad to see a fan base cheering to lose but kind of funny all the same.  There's some real coveting of Harden by Raptors fans.   They'd love to steal him from the Thunder.  Seems like some "beard envy" here as well.  I think this one was my favorite comment "Bargs got 5 rebounds and his immune system is rejecting it."  That one just cracked me up for some reason.  Enjoy today's comments! 

Easy tanking game right here. Westbrook will destroy Uzoh. Don't expect a close game, but hey, the tank must roll on. Just in the business.

Westbrook will light us up. Remember all the threads and trade proposals to bring him here because he didn't want to share the spotlight with Durant? Lol

I ain't greedy, I'm just hoping for a massive blowout.

So according to ESPN, we have 7% of chances to win this game

Oh crap! That means we still have a chance of winning this? This is not good

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Pacers 4/6

 Most threads start out boastful and all puffed up and then when they get beat turn on their own team.  This one is the opposite.  They start out expecting a loss and end up all puffed up and boastful.  I was hoping so much that the Thunder would get the win but they just couldn't get stops at the end.  Now more than ever I want the Celtics to beat these guys. I hope you enjoy today's comments in spite of the loss.

This is a defensive nightmare. We should put PG on westbrook, and collison on sefolosha. Otherwise, westbrook would destroy us.

I had no idea the Thunder were the only team in the NBA worse at passing than us. I guess it kind of makes sense though

Sefolosha is out there so they have a defensive player who won't take shots away from Westbrook and Durant.

The Thunder scare me. Westbrook has simply owned us and Kevin Durant is just something else.

**** you Thunder, you're just God's farts

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Comments From the Other Side - OKC/Heat 4/4

I've never seen a fan base that turns on their own players as quick as the Heat fans do.   They hate everyone on the team and then all is forgiven if the player hit a big shot it's all forgiven and they forget how they trashed the same player just a few lines before.  The Heat fans have to be the worst in the league with Lakers fans a close second.  Glad they admitted that Bill Kennedy gave them some favorable calls.   Not as much fun as when we win,  but hope you enjoy them anyway.  .

LeBron is going to knock Durant's a** out of the MVP race after this one is over.

I hope Wade is out so Lebron can drop 50, and get the MVP

I'm sure these guys want to redeem themselves after the embarrassment in OKC,especially since they're at home where they actually try.

Let's not suck.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Grizzlies 4/2

 Reading the comments isn't near as much fun when we lose but there's still some good stuff.  There must have been a good 15 pages of complaints about the refs alone.  For whatever reason, the Thunder just didn't have it last night.  Shots weren't falling - even the free throws weren't falling.  If the Thunder play their normal game they win this.  Every team has an off night every now and then.  I hope you enjoy these in spite of the loss. 

Once again the grizzlies wont be at full strength against this team.

This is a game I would love the Grizzlies to win.....Now that Fisher is playing for these chumps.....makes me want the Grizz to win just that much more. If they can just hold KD and Westbrook to under 50 comb. Points...I think we got it. Hope Zach goes nuts on em.

I like OKC except for Westbrook. I respect his game, but there's just something about his demeanor that irks me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Comments from the other side - Celtics/Heat 4/1

The Heat has to have the worst fans in the league. They are so puffed up and love their team when they win and then hate every player on the team when they lose. What pathetic fans, but then, what do you expect from a bunch of bandwagon fans. And, if all else fails, blame the refs. I think my favorite comment is the last one-the realization that LeBron was -30. Blame the boo boo elbow. You'd think after 3 years, he'd give up on using that one.

No way these guys beat us. They don't have Ray Allen and their bench is starting because their starters are out. This one's a blow out. Book it.

The Celtics are old and done. We'll run circles around them.

We need to send them a message in case we meet in the playoffs. They don't have a chance against us

Rondo killing us early.

That was pretty stupid how they let Rondo grab all those rebounds.

They are the worst rebounding team, give me a ****ing break

Out-rebounded by Rondo lol.

Comments from the Other Side - Thunder/Bulls 4/1

 I love how before the game they are so puffed up and so sure their team is going to blow the Thunder out and feel that their players are all better than the Thunder players.  Then as they get owned suddenly their players all stink and the excuses start.  The refs were against them.  Rose is out.  The arena is too loud.  Good stuff.  I hope you enjoy today's comments!  

The Bulls dominate the game and expose the overratedness of the OKC.

I miss thabo. I know there's no room here and I think Ronnies a better fit, but dammit I can't help it.

Boozer owns Ibaka

To make it fair maybe Kevin Durant should sit this one out

I'm really worried about Westbrook today though, CJ's D has not been great as of late.

Westbrick will shoot them out of the game.  He's not a pg and thats why they are so overrated.  Westbrick cant shoot and yet he puts up 50 shots a game.  

I really want this game. I would love to show everyone how over rated OKC can be especially in the half court.